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Implementing a Digital Zettelkasten Using Block References in Roam Research


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Implementing a Digital Zettelkasten using Block References in Roam Research

In a serie of discussion with Robert Haisfield about how people use roam in their work.

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"0.32: no it's just like really nice um finally"
"3.36: getting to"
"4.08: you know talk one-on-one uh and"
"7.52: see how you use rome yeah"
"10.559: yeah you know i'm actually grateful to"
"12.48: have this opportunity"
"13.759: um i'm just glad that when i reached out"
"15.839: to you it was like"
"16.88: uh we were able to make this time and"
"18.96: yeah i mean i don't know"
"20.24: i think that i think that these things"
"23.039: can"
"23.68: that that rome can get really conceptual"
"26.32: i guess"
"26.96: uh really fast yes"
"30: yes people we're going to talk about"
"31.84: that okay cool"
"33.6: and and for a lot of people that are"
"35.2: like newer i guess"
"37.44: to rome you know who don't really like"
"40.239: understand"
"41.04: kind of what a linked reference means or"
"43.84: what a block reference"
"45.039: means you know it's like it can just be"
"47.52: kind of hard to understand without"
"49.36: really just"
"50.559: taking a look um so i do i do these"
"53.84: tours"
"54.559: one because like i or i upload"
"58: the tours because i think it's helpful"
"59.92: for people to take a look"
"63.28: especially when they're learning but"
"64.879: like when but i do these tours really"
"67.28: just because i like"
"68.24: meeting people in the rome community uh"
"70.84: who uh are using it"
"73.04: uh this incredibly powerful and uh"
"76.24: versatile tool you know in really"
"79.759: interesting ways so i i think it's"
"82.56: interesting that you say tool"
"83.92: because that to me is not a noun it's a"
"87.36: verb"
"88.159: and it's an action it's like to drive a"
"90.479: vehicle you know it's the"
"91.84: cool aspect that i really focus on above"
"93.759: all else and you also mentioned you know"
"96.28: conceptualization and i think"
"98.72: conceptualization is"
"100.159: is awesome you know what i mean because"
"102.24: it takes that sort of"
"104.079: people need to conceptualize in order to"
"105.92: sort of wrap their head around it but"
"107.6: i i value actualization"
"110.799: more and um you know there's three"
"114.32: different phases in the zytokas and"
"115.6: there's a fleeting note phase there's a"
"117.119: literature note phase and then there's"
"118.479: an"
"118.719: actual permanent node phase right and"
"120.719: people have sort of"
"122.399: used this analogy um of seedlings"
"126.96: budding notes and and evergreen notes"
"129.28: and and"
"130.16: and i think it's it's powerful right and"
"132.48: i think that that is a great way to"
"134.879: sort of as a metaphor see that"
"137.599: relationship between each one of these"
"138.959: faces but"
"139.76: what i realized is that it inherently"
"143.44: adds"
"143.92: meaning to the zettocastin that makes it"
"146.319: harder for people and"
"147.52: what i mean by that is uh uh it adds"
"150.48: this dimension of time"
"152.4: you know because when you think about a"
"153.519: seedling it takes time to grow into a"
"155.28: budding note it takes time to grow into"
"156.8: an evergreen note"
"158: and this idea of time is"
"161.76: it makes things harder right and and"
"165.04: i'll explain"
"165.76: as we go through this whole process but"
"167.36: and so i was i wrestled with this idea"
"169.84: for for weeks and then i"
"171.28: i was thinking about what's a better way"
"173.76: of saying this"
"175.2: and for me the three different phases"
"178.56: that we go through when"
"179.68: creating a permanent note uh in order to"
"181.92: sort of have this conversation partner"
"184.4: i started thinking about it differently"
"185.68: i was like well what if we related this"
"187.12: to the"
"187.84: three states of matter right so you have"
"190.48: gas"
"191.519: you have liquid and you have solid right"
"195.519: and it relates very well because i think"
"197.28: about gas and what is gas"
"199.12: gas is just fast moving particles it's"
"201.28: like fast moving thoughts"
"203.12: right and yeah what happens you know"
"205.28: it's fast moving thoughts and it's like"
"206.799: what happens if we start slowing down"
"208.48: these fast moving thoughts you're"
"209.68: slowing down these fast moving particles"
"211.84: what happens it starts"
"214: becoming liquid right and you'll skip"
"216.159: this precipitation and it'll start"
"217.68: dripping it'll start dripping"
"218.959: and so you're taking these fast-moving"
"220.56: thoughts and you're sort of slowing"
"222.239: these thoughts down into a liquid but"
"224.239: a liquid with no sort of container is"
"226.4: just a puddle on the ground"
"228.159: and then i started thinking about it's"
"229.28: like well what is what is the reference"
"231.12: notes what is the bibliography what is"
"232.64: the sort of evidence right"
"234.159: and if that could be the container to"
"236.08: capture this liquid"
"237.599: of these slowing down the thoughts the"
"240.48: literature notes are contained"
"242.56: in the reference notes or they're"
"244.4: contained in the bibliography or the"
"245.84: evidence right"
"246.799: and so now you have this container"
"248.799: filled with this liquid of"
"250.72: thoughts that have been slowed down and"
"252.48: then you can start crystallizing it into"
"254.959: a solid state"
"256.72: in the permanent note phase and and i"
"258.799: like this way of looking at it because"
"260.479: then it takes"
"261.68: because we don't want a conversation"
"262.88: with the fleeting notes we don't want a"
"264.72: conversation with the literature notes"
"266.4: because fleeting notes is just fast"
"268: moving thoughts it's just fast resonated"
"270.16: ideas and then literature notes is just"
"272.8: sort of what you've"
"273.919: abstracted or inferred from what the"
"275.84: author is saying what you want is"
"277.6: you want the conversation to happen at"
"278.88: the permanent note phase and so it's"
"280.56: like"
"280.96: if you can slam those three phases"
"284.639: as as tight as we can in regards to time"
"287.759: what happens is"
"288.72: then we start focusing on what the"
"290.96: importance of a zettle casting is and"
"292.639: that's actually the permanent note"
"293.919: conversation"
"295.04: and so again i have to lay this"
"298.24: groundwork down just so we can get"
"299.759: into the sort of zettle casting idea"
"302.32: right because there's a lot of concepts"
"303.84: that have to sort of"
"305.12: click right and the next thing is going"
"306.88: to be sort of this conversation partner"
"308.96: right"
"309.52: and we'll get into all that what are you"
"311.52: thinking you're about to say you're"
"312.8: right you have a question"
"313.6: well well i want to maybe like jump back"
"316.24: for"
"316.8: a second you know and and just just to"
"319.52: slow this down a little bit"
"321.039: uh so going back one of the things you"
"323.28: mentioned is"
"324.24: that uh there is a"
"327.6: problem with analogies that people use"
"329.759: you know like the the different"
"331.039: analogies people use to describe the"
"332.96: different phases"
"334.4: of a thought in a zettle casting is"
"337.6: going to have different implications for"
"339.759: what you do with them"
"341.039: right so you know if you're thinking"
"342.96: about it as"
"344.4: fleeting and permanent you know like"
"346.32: permanent for example"
"347.6: implies this is fixed and it's never"
"350.16: changing"
"351.28: you know um and and and then seedling"
"354.479: budding evergreen notes that has a"
"356.24: dimension of time"
"358.08: um and and you are talking about gas"
"361.52: versus liquid and solid in in"
"365.44: in that the solid notes that's what you"
"368.24: want to have to manipulate"
"370: you know like that's what you want to"
"371.84: use maybe to"
"373.759: make it so your conversations are more"
"375.52: focused so like if someone has"
"378: uh thousands of gaseous"
"382: thoughts you know like then it's kind of"
"384.72: hard to"
"385.28: make sense of all that because a lot of"
"386.8: that's probably crap anyway"
"388.72: you know so it's like you want to do it"
"390.319: you want to work with your solid"
"392.4: thoughts"
"393.12: right so am i gathering all that"
"394.8: correctly"
"396.4: yes and and it's it's that idea that"
"399.12: when you have solid thoughts that are"
"400.639: backed by evidence"
"402.16: from multiple levels of abstraction then"
"404.4: what happens is the conversation is now"
"406.88: a very well informed"
"409.919: conversation partner it's very it's it's"
"412.16: a straw it's a strong man or iron man"
"414.56: conversation partner and then it's also"
"416.56: not just focused on one topic"
"418.4: but it's varied topics of interest and"
"421.28: so then when you have a"
"422.479: a sort of dialogue with this"
"423.759: conversation partner you're having the"
"425.599: strongest"
"426.319: diet like you want someone that can"
"428.4: argue as best as you can"
"430.8: right and that that's what we're looking"
"432.4: for in a dental cast then we want this"
"434.84: conversation dialogue partner"
"437.759: to have that sort of relationship with"
"439.919: where you know"
"441.199: no one can our out can out argue us you"
"443.759: know but if we write it in our own words"
"445.919: and if we crystallize these thoughts"
"448.24: with evidence abstracting it multiple"
"450.8: times and what happens is then the"
"452.16: dialogue that happens at the permanent"
"453.919: note phase"
"454.72: or the solid phase what happens is then"
"457.599: you're able to actually converse with"
"459.28: this and trust in this because it's"
"461.759: it's informed it's evidence-based and"
"463.599: it's abstracted from your own words"
"465.919: and we'll get into all that okay yeah so"
"468.639: for me to see a"
"469.599: visual i'd really love to see a visual"
"471.919: of this"
"472.8: you know because i want to see how these"
"475.599: ideas kind of like go through their"
"478.16: different phases"
"479.44: you know or if there even is like a"
"481.36: fluid pipeline between all these phases"
"484: you know um because i think that's"
"486.72: really where"
"487.36: where i think a lot of people would uh"
"489.28: benefit a lot"
"491.199: let me go ahead and share my screen real"
"492.639: quick great"
"494.24: so um i just want to start off by saying"
"496.16: it you know for me it's it's all about"
"497.919: simplicity so"
"499.199: it's i want to be able to hide the"
"500.56: complexity behind this so i'm going to"
"502.16: have"
"502.4: i'm just going to start with a time"
"503.52: stamp and i'm gonna make a child block"
"506.4: underneath"
"507.039: right and then i'll just zoom into that"
"509.039: by clicking onto the bullet point and"
"510.319: now it's i'm just gonna start with this"
"511.919: idea of fleeting notes right"
"513.76: when you think about a fleeting node"
"515.039: it's you're reading a block of text"
"517.279: right and say i'm reading a block of"
"520.32: text and"
"520.959: what i want to do is i want to sort of"
"525.04: abstract out what what is resonating"
"528.72: with me"
"529.36: right because this is these are the sort"
"531.04: of fast moving thoughts"
"532.64: right so i'm just going to go and start"
"533.92: off with let's say fleeting notes right"
"536.88: and then i'm going to make a child block"
"538.24: children block underneath and i've"
"540.24: already done the work here so i'm just"
"541.6: going to go and copy and paste it here"
"543.68: but this is going to give you an idea"
"547.279: what were you gonna say no i i was just"
"549.92: saying okay"
"551.12: keep going and so basically this is"
"553.76: gonna give you an idea of sort of the"
"555.2: thoughts that i've abstracted"
"556.8: right and as i'm reading a block of text"
"558.8: i'll show you the source material in a"
"560.32: minute but"
"560.88: as i'm reading this block of text these"
"562.399: are just sort of the ideas not"
"564: necessarily"
"564.8: what the text is about but these are all"
"566.8: the sort of ideas that resonated with me"
"569.12: it's all the things that sort of oh this"
"571.279: reminds me of this this is like when"
"572.88: you're having a conversation with"
"573.839: somebody and you're able to sort of pop"
"575.68: from one conversation to the next it's"
"577.6: like"
"578.72: that's what this first sort of phase is"
"581.44: it's sort of"
"582.56: gathering all these fast-moving ideas"
"585.12: right"
"585.6: and so this is the sort of first level"
"587.36: of abstraction it's sort of just writing"
"588.959: this out and the power"
"590: of rome is that with one click i can"
"592.48: hide that entire"
"593.76: wall of text right and the reason that"
"597.519: this is so this is the sort of first"
"599.519: pass that i do"
"600.8: right and then as i scroll through here"
"602.8: and then what i do is i actually"
"604.64: go back here and i abstract even more so"
"607.6: i'll write more text here i'm just gonna"
"609.2: go and show you what that looks like"
"611.92: and this is important because we have to"
"616.839: remember uh"
"618.88: let me find out where all the text is"
"621.92: copy this i'm just going to delete all"
"623.6: this"
"627.2: and then i'm going to go and paste the"
"628.64: new sort of thing so what i'm doing now"
"630.399: is i'm sort of going"
"631.68: into depth uh i'm going it i'm going"
"635.6: even more in depth on what i've"
"637.76: abstracted so i'm sort of adding these"
"639.92: i'm really bringing out everything that"
"641.68: i can about all the different ideas that"
"643.68: have sort of"
"644.56: um sort of resonated with me and and the"
"647.44: purpose of this is because this is going"
"648.959: to inform"
"650.079: how i abstract what the author is saying"
"653.12: right so i keep going down i keep going"
"654.72: down these are just all my notes and i"
"656.24: just keep writing and i keep writing"
"657.92: and again um i need like i have to say"
"661.04: it it's like even with this very"
"662.399: streamlined workflow it takes me"
"664.16: anywhere between"
"665.44: 15 to 45 minutes to actually complete"
"668.399: from"
"668.959: from fleeting note phase to permanent"
"670.72: node phase and like have it"
"672.399: as a permanent note in the zettle cast"
"675.839: and it's important to remember that"
"677.12: because this is this is the work"
"679.6: and so once i've abstracted everything"
"681.279: that i can what yeah i think that's"
"682.959: something that's"
"684: that's really important that a lot of"
"685.44: people uh"
"687.44: struggle to recognize a little bit is"
"690.16: that"
"690.64: you know like going through and like"
"693.279: really"
"693.839: taking notes or like really writing out"
"696.48: your own"
"697.36: thoughts and your own ideas like that's"
"700.32: part of"
"700.88: the work of knowledge work like what"
"703.519: like you"
"704.079: you've got to ask yourself what's your"
"705.6: process for"
"707.12: coming up with ideas what's your process"
"709.519: for"
"710.16: picking out which ones are the best ones"
"712.16: what's your process"
"713.279: for uh developing the promising ones"
"717.04: into something that's truly special you"
"719.6: know like uh"
"721.279: like these are all things that take time"
"723.279: they take effort you know but"
"724.8: but if you really want to um improve"
"728: your understanding of your"
"729.44: of the world and your efficacy and"
"732.16: interacting with it through your"
"733.76: knowledge"
"734.56: then this is what you do you're"
"737.519: absolutely right"
"738.88: now just imagine i don't"
"742.24: i'm gonna add a little foreshadowing"
"744.56: here but imagine"
"746.639: if you could have all of this available"
"749.76: with one click and we'll get into that"
"752.16: but let me continue"
"753.36: so basically what you have here now is"
"755.04: this big wall of text"
"756.639: right and this big wall of text is sort"
"758.399: of open and closed with one bullet point"
"760.16: again the power of rome is that"
"761.839: the granularity happens at the block"
"763.519: level not the page level traditionally"
"765.12: this would all fit inside of a page"
"766.959: right and so now what i'm going to do is"
"768.399: i'm actually going to go here and i'm"
"769.68: actually going to summarize"
"771.68: that entire wall of text so what i'm"
"773.44: going to do is i'm going to add"
"774.959: a sort of low resolution thumbnail"
"778.32: of this big block of text right and the"
"781.519: purpose of that is so i if i if i don't"
"783.92: want to see all that text i can just"
"786.399: open and close it"
"787.519: if need be but i have a low resolution"
"789.68: thumbnail"
"790.8: summarizing what that block of text is"
"792.959: if i need to go in there to get a little"
"794.72: bit more context"
"796.24: oh i do the same thing i do the same"
"798.48: thing with my meeting notes"
"800.32: you know like um my top level bullet for"
"804.079: every meeting it says"
"805.68: uh it's a page reference to meeting"
"807.279: notes and it's a page reference to the"
"808.959: person's name"
"809.92: who i'm interacting with and then it's"
"812.48: just a description of what we talked"
"814.88: about in the meeting that's the top"
"816.399: level bullet for"
"817.519: everything underneath it has all the"
"819.519: specific details"
"821.04: but you got to give yourself those clues"
"823.6: yeah"
"824.24: yeah on on the block level here at the"
"826.48: parent block level and that's the sort"
"828.24: of"
"828.72: and i've added these little css so"
"830.8: here's the thing i i"
"831.839: prefer vanilla just because through"
"834.72: these coaching sessions i realized that"
"836.32: if you have a themes that are too"
"838.8: outrageous what happens it sort of takes"
"840.56: away like what am i where am i"
"842.32: so i have vanilla rome with sprinkles of"
"845.279: css"
"846.56: and we'll get into all that so basically"
"848.56: again you have it on the block level"
"850.24: just like you were saying the summary"
"851.68: and"
"852: all this big wall of text that's"
"853.6: collapsible and expandable with one"
"855.279: click right"
"856.079: so now i'm going to go up here i'm going"
"857.199: to go and add another block above this"
"859.6: right"
"860.48: and then this is going to be the sort of"
"861.76: literature notes and then this is the"
"863.199: same thing i'm going to have children"
"864.32: block"
"864.72: underneath but this is really where the"
"867.36: power of rome shines"
"868.56: because when you think about a"
"869.279: literature note in these fleeting notes"
"870.8: right you have to remember that when"
"872.48: lumens started"
"873.36: developing this zebel cast and you know"
"876.24: this is in the 1950s"
"878.079: you know yeah so 1950s"
"882.8: so uh we have to remember that in the"
"885.6: 50s"
"886.24: 1950s when lumens sort of developed you"
"888.56: know started practicing this sort of"
"890.079: zettle casting"
"891.68: he could read an article in the morning"
"894.16: and wrestle with that idea"
"895.839: throughout the day right without"
"897.76: distractions without notifications"
"899.68: without mail and emails and"
"901.92: facebook and instagram and twitter and"
"904.24: so he actually had the time to"
"906.24: wrestle and abstract out these ideas so"
"908.88: he could get away with saying"
"910.56: two words for his fleeting notes right"
"913.279: because he was wrestling with the ideas"
"914.72: anyway so at the end of the night when"
"916.079: he was processing"
"917.199: these into sort of literature notes and"
"918.959: permanent notes it's"
"920.48: he already did the work he already did"
"922.32: the abstracting and so"
"923.92: what we're doing is i don't want to i"
"925.92: don't want to live off the grid"
"927.6: right but i still want to be able to"
"928.8: abstract and following this sort of"
"930.88: process"
"931.44: you you can abstract just like you would"
"934.88: is if you spent all day abstracting it"
"937.04: in in your head in your mind you know"
"938.959: thinking about it thinking about it and"
"940.48: thinking about it and so this is where"
"942.56: it's sort of"
"943.6: because everything's at the block level"
"945.199: you can collapse that and so now we're"
"946.959: going to go into the literature notes"
"948: and just"
"948.8: with that same idea right and by the way"
"952.16: there is a source material that i'm"
"953.519: reading off"
"954: of here it's not that i'm just making"
"955.199: this up you know what can i before we"
"957.279: move on to"
"958.079: the literature notes i'd like to ask so"
"960.8: one thing i'm noticing"
"962.48: is you have very few page references"
"966.639: in there besides like just to fleeting"
"969.199: notes to literature notes"
"971.279: you know and um yeah so i'm just curious"
"974.399: about that because like"
"975.759: at least in my own workflow you know"
"978.56: like my equivalent to"
"980.399: fleeting notes i have thousands of them"
"983.92: you know so like i personally so i"
"986.959: personally like being able to"
"988.639: uh compress it down filter it down you"
"991.44: know in the linked references so i'm"
"993.04: just kind of like curious about that"
"995.04: um something like this right where you"
"997.199: have like"
"998.8: yeah or i guess the question that i have"
"1002.56: is that you know like do you do any"
"1005.04: topic level"
"1006.24: uh sorting and filtering or"
"1007.839: alternatively is this more of like a"
"1010.16: stages of development pipeline that you"
"1012.88: use"
"1013.199: page references for the question that i"
"1016.8: i'd like to ask is you know do you want"
"1019.12: to have a conversation with these"
"1021.04: fleeting notes that don't have evidence"
"1023.199: to sort of support it"
"1024.4: that haven't been crystallized through"
"1025.919: actually abstracting and really bringing"
"1028.079: out"
"1028.559: these ideas completely into a"
"1030.319: crystallized sort of declarative"
"1032.319: statement"
"1033.6: or do you want to have it these"
"1035.199: conversations with these fast-moving"
"1036.559: thoughts that are interconnected with"
"1037.679: all these"
"1038.079: different ideas and it's there we're"
"1040.64: going to get into the sort of"
"1041.919: referencing and how to actually"
"1043.52: find these ideas and how to sort of"
"1045.679: retrieve it"
"1046.88: but this entire process is just it's a"
"1050.16: frictionless way"
"1051.44: of abstracting out what something means"
"1054.08: to you"
"1055.039: now if you want to go back to this yeah"
"1056.799: you can easily sort of block"
"1058.08: reference or page page or hashtag but"
"1062.08: the question is why you know because"
"1065.44: we're gonna we're gonna get to this but"
"1067.919: can i continue"
"1069.039: yeah absolutely okay so"
"1072.4: so basically i i'm reading a source and"
"1074.48: then basically or let me just"
"1076.08: let me just summarize what your"
"1077.52: perspective was just so the"
"1079.44: i so the audience can get it there i"
"1081.76: think a little better so i think what"
"1083.039: you're saying is essentially you don't"
"1084.72: use"
"1085.12: all too many page references and stuff"
"1087.12: for topic sorting while it's in the"
"1088.72: fleeting note phase"
"1090.16: because those thoughts are way too"
"1093.919: small and you haven't yet determined"
"1096.32: what's significant yet so you don't want"
"1098.32: to"
"1098.64: like uh clutter up your thinking space"
"1101.44: when you're actually trying to think"
"1102.88: through something you're more just using"
"1104.32: your permanent notes then"
"1106.559: exactly and it's all about workflow as"
"1108.64: well it's it's"
"1110.08: it's at what level of analysis do i want"
"1112.559: to have my conversation and actual"
"1114.559: thinking to happen"
"1115.679: is it going to be at the lower levels of"
"1117.28: fleeting and literature notes or is it"
"1118.559: going to be at the higher levels of"
"1120.16: crystallized thought that are sort of"
"1122.24: declarative and clear"
"1124.72: how's my audio by the way is it it's"
"1126.799: sounding great right now"
"1128.08: yeah okay awesome so i'm gonna go ahead"
"1129.919: and paste in these literature notes"
"1131.84: here as well right and"
"1135.2: power of rome is that with this i can"
"1138: open and close this"
"1139.6: with one click right it's all"
"1141.52: collapsible so these"
"1142.96: so traditionally a literature note would"
"1144.799: be sort of a one"
"1146.08: phrase or one sentence or one or two"
"1148.16: sentences to describe you know"
"1150.4: through this litmus test of seeing how"
"1152.559: well you understand what the author is"
"1154.32: saying"
"1155.039: so with rome you can actually"
"1159.2: write really get drill down into what"
"1162.24: the author"
"1162.96: is saying in this sort of paragraph or"
"1165.36: or or sentence that you're pulling from"
"1167.679: right and so that's like the first level"
"1169.76: of analysis of"
"1170.96: in regards to the literature note but"
"1172.72: then it's the same thing like you were"
"1174.799: talking about earlier"
"1175.919: right it's this idea of"
"1179.039: on the block level here we want a low"
"1181.36: resolution thumbnail of what's"
"1183.12: underneath"
"1185.039: right and so now i have this sort of"
"1187.84: thumbnail"
"1188.96: i have two thumbnails that if i need to"
"1191.039: get to this information"
"1192.72: open the wall next and i'll help there"
"1195.52: and then anything with the fleeting"
"1197.039: notes"
"1198.559: you were basically saying that like"
"1200.4: you're giving yourself these thumbnails"
"1202.08: so that way"
"1203.039: like even though you have a lot of"
"1205.84: content"
"1206.64: indented underneath uh both of those"
"1210.08: top level bullets i guess you're able to"
"1213.76: very quickly just get a sense for what"
"1215.919: it was about"
"1216.799: you know so you're not spending the time"
"1218.64: reading through everything you're"
"1220.799: just focusing on what's important and"
"1222.64: then if it if"
"1223.919: like the literature note seems important"
"1226: then you can just"
"1226.96: uncollapse it you know but like you can"
"1228.96: make that choice"
"1230.08: in the moment and it also allows for"
"1233.039: that space to"
"1234.08: actually do the work in regards to"
"1237.12: um seeing what you really think about"
"1240.799: what you're reading you know uh it's"
"1242.96: about really taking that time to put in"
"1245.12: that effort"
"1245.919: and so now at the you have right now at"
"1248.88: the moment you have"
"1249.679: three different three different sort of"
"1252.32: parent blocks you have a"
"1253.52: reference notes block literature notes"
"1255.36: block then you have the fleeting notes"
"1256.64: block right"
"1257.44: and so reference note here so what i'm"
"1259.2: going to do is"
"1261.44: this is where i actually add the sort of"
"1263.36: source material right so let's say this"
"1265.039: is an article from"
"1267.6: let me go ahead and do this"
"1271.76: i'm going to hit command k and then i'll"
"1273.44: just write uh"
"1276.88: lumens card index right"
"1280.08: and then within the parentheses i'll"
"1281.52: i'll paste the actual link"
"1283.2: and so that way it's like if i need that"
"1286.08: information it's right there with a"
"1287.44: shift click"
"1288.72: and then underneath that's a child block"
"1291.6: this is where i"
"1292.559: add sort of"
"1298: the metadata so traditionally when you"
"1300.48: look at"
"1302.08: traditionally when you look at sort of"
"1303.6: people's assassins what they're doing is"
"1305.919: they're inherent sort of cocktailing"
"1308.24: what analog socks or anal castings"
"1311.679: and they're sort of okay so so you know"
"1315.28: when when we think about sort of zettle"
"1317.2: casting it's like there's this idea that"
"1320.32: you know we're going to duplicate an"
"1323.919: like a physical slit box in the digital"
"1325.919: realm and what happens is"
"1327.84: there's inherent limitations with that"
"1330: and so"
"1331.28: one of those things is traditionally all"
"1333.36: of this information would what it would"
"1335.44: end up"
"1336.24: sort of on a page but what i'm saying is"
"1339.679: that"
"1340.48: when you want to add metadata like"
"1342.48: author"
"1343.76: or recommended by"
"1347.919: you can have it all as children blocks"
"1349.679: underneath the reference note itself"
"1352.08: and so what it does is then if i go up"
"1353.919: here"
"1355.679: and then i go permanent notes this is"
"1358.72: the sort of structure that we're"
"1360: going for right underneath this parent"
"1363.2: block you have three children these are"
"1364.88: the sort of three legs of a tripod you"
"1366.48: have the fleeting notes"
"1367.76: the literature notes and your reference"
"1369.84: notes and so now your permanent note has"
"1371.76: something to sort of"
"1373.28: sit on top of right how's the audio by"
"1375.36: the way yeah it's sounding great"
"1379.12: perfect perfect just let me know"
"1382.4: this is where it gets really this is"
"1385.12: where it gets really interesting because"
"1387.12: now it's like when they talk about"
"1388.96: bottom-up structure"
"1390.48: right what you have is you have all this"
"1393.679: information"
"1394.88: that you've abstracted which is"
"1396.4: basically in the digital age in 2020"
"1399.6: where you're inundated with"
"1400.96: notifications and"
"1402.08: pings and distractions in a frictionless"
"1405.6: writing tool"
"1406.88: called rome research you can actually"
"1408.64: abstract out what you're really thinking"
"1410.4: about"
"1411.52: what resonated with you when you're"
"1412.72: reading some some text or watching a"
"1414.799: lecture or whatever that may be"
"1416.64: and then as you sort of bring up all"
"1418.48: these ideas"
"1420: now you're actually ready to make a"
"1421.2: permanent note here right and it's"
"1424.72: oh can i just get it real quick"
"1428.08: just to make sure i understand the"
"1429.52: difference between reference notes"
"1431.44: and literature notes is a literature"
"1434: note basically"
"1435.6: uh your notes from while you were"
"1437.679: reading the literature"
"1439.279: and a reference note is just like your"
"1442.159: metadata"
"1443.2: of"
"1446.32: exactly that's the sort of like"
"1447.6: reference note would be the evidence or"
"1449.039: the bibliography"
"1450.64: in other words the literature notes is"
"1452.48: the sort of litmus test to see how well"
"1454.24: you understand what the author is saying"
"1456.559: oh oh so it's like literally what what"
"1458.72: could you what could you reference for"
"1460.72: more"
"1461.2: information is your reference note"
"1464.48: exactly yeah okay yeah"
"1467.679: yeah and then again so it's like you"
"1469.76: have these three legs that support this"
"1471.52: permanent"
"1472: note and then from there it's easy to"
"1473.679: sort of write out this declarative"
"1476.159: statement in regards to"
"1480.4: what you're sort of abstracting and sort"
"1483.12: of pulling up from this bottom-up"
"1484.64: structure"
"1485.36: and now when you get to this point sort"
"1487.76: of you have your"
"1488.799: crystallized thought and we need to"
"1491.2: remember also like when you do a"
"1492.48: declarative statement you know"
"1493.919: you look at the the the root of that"
"1496.159: word and it's clare so it's clarity"
"1499.039: and so we want to have these clear"
"1501.44: statements"
"1503.279: from the text that we've abstracted from"
"1505.6: the fleeting notes that we've sort of"
"1507.039: slowed down and sort of"
"1508.72: abstracted out multiple times as well"
"1510.72: and then we get to this point here where"
"1512.159: it's like"
"1512.72: the permanent node is created yeah right"
"1515.919: and so"
"1520.32: it was interesting because i thought i"
"1521.44: was going to sort of like coach you"
"1523.039: through this"
"1523.919: because that way it would actually make"
"1525.279: sense you know what i mean but now that"
"1526.96: i'm doing it it's"
"1528.08: so much like i gotta explain it all um"
"1532: it's important to remember it's"
"1533.76: important to remember by the way"
"1535.36: that permanent notes or zettles or"
"1538.96: whatever you want to call it these"
"1540.24: crystallized thoughts these declarative"
"1541.76: statements"
"1542.64: don't actually happen like this"
"1546.32: so everything up to this point is"
"1547.679: actually incorrect"
"1549.36: because you actually don't create this"
"1551.36: permanent note"
"1553.279: except for the very first permanent note"
"1555.039: you create you actually don't do this"
"1557.76: so i'm going to delete it what you"
"1560.08: actually need"
"1560.799: need to do is"
"1563.84: shift click on permanent notes open that"
"1566: in the sidebar"
"1567.2: you actually have to refer back to your"
"1569.6: zettle casting"
"1571.2: in order to see the position of where"
"1573.52: this node is going to go"
"1575.36: and so there's so much complexity i need"
"1578.72: to explain that"
"1579.76: that it's at a broad with these broad"
"1583.039: strokes i feel like it's going to lose"
"1584.799: the the power and emphasis of this right"
"1587.44: so"
"1588.48: what i'm going to do is i need to find a"
"1590.08: place i need to find a position"
"1592.159: so i'm going to collapse this real quick"
"1594.159: so now i have one two three"
"1595.84: four five six seven eight nine different"
"1599.279: parent level blocks conversation that i"
"1601.76: have going right"
"1602.799: and i see the literature notes i see the"
"1604.559: fleeting notes here and i go where does"
"1606: this best fit"
"1606.96: and i'm gonna say zettle cast in here"
"1609.44: right and then i go okay where where"
"1610.96: does this"
"1611.76: best fit and then i go settle cast i"
"1613.919: think it's physical limitations"
"1615.84: right and then obviously i already wrote"
"1617.679: the permanent note here so"
"1618.96: what i'm going to do is"
"1622.159: i have to explain this part"
"1626: do because it's a fundamental aspect of"
"1629.039: zettle casting it's the idea of"
"1631.6: yeah this is where it's starting to get"
"1633.2: a little more fun for me"
"1634.72: i keep going okay"
"1638.32: hold on let me get my sweater off yeah"
"1640.559: let me take my sweater off hold on hold"
"1641.84: on"
"1642.399: okay okay because this this is this is"
"1644.88: where the magic happens"
"1646.32: right because fleeting notes literature"
"1648.72: notes"
"1649.36: reference notes all of those are just"
"1651.679: building blocks"
"1652.88: right really the magic happens at the"
"1655.76: settle level"
"1656.64: right and so let me put this microphone"
"1659.84: back"
"1660.159: on we can edit all this out right yeah"
"1662.48: sure"
"1663.2: so basically the settle cast and the"
"1665.44: cast in part"
"1666.64: is the claim itself right but you're"
"1669.12: talking about like how do you organize"
"1671.2: all of these claims within this general"
"1674.159: box"
"1674.72: of notes it's it's"
"1678.08: also looking at the problem"
"1681.36: in a different way you have a physical"
"1684.24: dental cast and what you do is you pick"
"1685.919: up this index card and you're like"
"1688.24: okay you pick up the index card behind"
"1690.399: it and you go okay"
"1692.08: but how do you know what's 10 cards"
"1694.559: behind that"
"1696.96: you know and so when lumen had this"
"1698.88: problem he was like well let's create an"
"1700.559: index or a keyword"
"1702.24: index of sorts and what that was doing"
"1704.799: was it was allowing you to sort of see"
"1706.559: past"
"1707.12: the cards that you can't physically see"
"1710.559: in a digital settle casting"
"1713.679: it's in the nesting you can actually see"
"1715.52: the notes that are next in the"
"1716.799: conversation so you have settle casting"
"1719.12: phases zettle casting dialogue"
"1720.96: autonomous settle casting"
"1722.799: physical limitations do you see what i'm"
"1725.12: saying and so you can actually see the"
"1727.279: cards that are behind it so"
"1729.44: the purpose of the index is different"
"1731.6: now the granularity changed from"
"1733.919: seeing where the branches go now the"
"1737.039: granularity happens at what the"
"1738.24: permanent node is"
"1740.08: this is a very interesting way of"
"1742.08: looking at it right"
"1743.44: and so now when i think about this"
"1745.2: hashtag that i'm about to create here"
"1748.08: right where where you place a note in"
"1750.399: the zettlecast in it"
"1751.76: is irrelevant"
"1754.799: because you could actually place this up"
"1756.72: here you could place it"
"1758.96: right here you can have you can place it"
"1762: anywhere but the question that you need"
"1763.6: to ask yourself is okay well"
"1765.039: where do i want to continue the"
"1766.24: conversation because that's going to"
"1768.159: show me"
"1769.039: from the continued conversation it's"
"1770.559: going to show me where the clusters are"
"1773.2: right and so now it's i i say it's going"
"1776: to live right here and so from here i"
"1778.24: create an"
"1778.799: index and basically what this is is this"
"1781.039: is now giving me a thumbnail low"
"1782.96: resolution"
"1785.52: idea of what this permanent node is"
"1787.52: going to be"
"1788.559: so it's the hashtag is not a way to"
"1790.72: categorize it it's not a way to sort of"
"1793.12: retrieve this idea again like it's"
"1795.12: typically used we're looking at it as"
"1797.039: the low resolution thumbnail of what the"
"1799.039: actual permanent node is so i'm just"
"1800.799: going to go"
"1802.96: analog solutions right"
"1806.84: um and then i'm gonna go"
"1810.08: now this is where i look back at my"
"1812.08: fleeting notes i look back on my"
"1813.76: literature notes i look back at the"
"1815.12: source material if i need it"
"1817.279: and i actually write my permanent note"
"1820.88: here in the zettle casting"
"1824.88: thematically connecting physical"
"1826.32: limitations with analog solutions"
"1829.12: and so basically what i do is i've"
"1830.88: already done the work here"
"1834.08: i make this into a page right so now i"
"1836.96: have analog solutions"
"1838.24: this is a low resolution low resolution"
"1840.64: thumbnail"
"1841.679: of this entire permanent node we're not"
"1843.919: using this as a way to categorize it"
"1845.6: we're not using it to"
"1846.64: retrieve it we're just using it as a"
"1848.32: thumbnail to show what's inside just"
"1850.08: like we were doing over here with these"
"1851.52: summaries"
"1853.36: so then i go back to my daily notes page"
"1855.2: here and i realized that okay this is my"
"1856.88: permanent note so i go certain"
"1861.44: analog systems right"
"1868.64: yeah that's the right one right and then"
"1871.76: i realized that"
"1873.2: the permanent node is actually not the"
"1874.64: parent level block"
"1877.039: when you look at the when you look at"
"1878.88: the structure"
"1880.96: of this i'm going to close this all down"
"1882.64: just so you can see it here"
"1884.399: the permanent node is actually not the"
"1885.84: parent level block there's actually a"
"1887.12: block above it and this is actually"
"1889.44: important to realize that the very top"
"1891.2: level is not is the most important this"
"1893.039: is actually where the conversation"
"1894.24: happens"
"1894.72: it's actually the relevant notes"
"1897.84: so underneath relevant notes you have a"
"1899.6: child block permanent notes"
"1901.36: underneath permanent notes you have"
"1902.559: three children block"
"1904.399: reference literature and fleeting notes"
"1906: right and so here i look at i look at"
"1908.559: analog solutions this is my sort of"
"1910.72: index right i go in here and i write"
"1914.559: analog solutions"
"1918: and then what i do is this i'm gonna go"
"1920.24: ahead and expand all my permanent notes"
"1921.919: out"
"1923.039: and you'll notice that these indexes"
"1924.559: here right they're on every before every"
"1926.799: permanent note this is because"
"1928.559: the block is where the granularity"
"1930.559: happens so"
"1931.76: i can have more than one piece of"
"1933.2: information here if"
"1935.2: i alt click or option click this and"
"1937.12: drag this over here"
"1938.48: what i've done now is i've connected"
"1940.08: this idea of a permanent note"
"1943.519: with this actual permanent node that's"
"1945.76: already in the zettle casting"
"1947.279: it's going to start making sense here in"
"1948.48: a minute so what i do is i don't even"
"1950.72: i don't it's i want a frictionless way"
"1952.88: of connecting nodes"
"1954.559: and different conversations right lumen"
"1956.64: wanted to have his notes connected"
"1958.48: at the furthest possible places the"
"1960.64: furthest conversations away"
"1962: from each other right i'm at the very"
"1963.919: top this is dealing with"
"1965.6: overall objective for acting but if i"
"1967.519: could still relate this to analog"
"1969.2: solutions"
"1970.24: i'm looking at the index and i'm going"
"1972.32: attraction to analog solutions so that's"
"1974.159: interesting maybe i could stumble upon"
"1975.6: that later"
"1976.64: right and what i do is i start having"
"1978.88: this list"
"1980.72: which i'm going to paste this is what i"
"1983.36: do"
"1984: already done all the work now i have a"
"1987.279: list of all of these"
"1988.96: sort of permanent notes from the settle"
"1991.6: casting itself"
"1992.72: but they're just block referencing the"
"1994.399: index and the permanent node"
"1996.08: they're just block referencing this"
"1997.76: block if that makes sense"
"2000.08: why why are you doing it like that"
"2002.64: versus"
"2003.6: doing it like page references i'm so"
"2006.399: glad you asked"
"2008.08: great"
"2012.799: you have this structure here yeah right"
"2015.76: and it's all collapsible"
"2017.6: it's literally if i go to my daily notes"
"2019.279: here right it's just a"
"2020.96: time stamp that's what's showing if i"
"2023.2: expand it"
"2024.24: there's complexity and complexity and"
"2026.32: complexity with multiple levels of"
"2027.84: abstraction right"
"2030: this is what's interesting right so i go"
"2032.559: to"
"2034.32: journey right and it's like let's go"
"2036.799: find where journey is"
"2039.76: let's go overall objective let's find"
"2042.24: where journey is where's journey let's"
"2043.84: find journey this right here"
"2047.12: is where i sort of block referenced it"
"2049.599: into my relevant notes here right"
"2051.76: if i look up here it's under character"
"2053.679: completely irrelevant with"
"2056.079: zettle casting because i i placed this"
"2058.8: this note here"
"2060.159: under zettle cast in physical"
"2062.56: limitations analog solutions that's the"
"2064.56: sort of conversation that's happening"
"2066: right now"
"2066.8: right and so on a completely different"
"2068.72: thread of conversation"
"2071.52: i have journey now i need to sort of"
"2074.879: expand this out a little bit just so you"
"2076.32: can"
"2076.56: see this okay so i'm going to zoom out"
"2079.599: let me just i don't know what the hell"
"2081.04: is going on let me go actual size"
"2083.2: sorry whoa crazy"
"2086.96: crazy okay so i know it's sort of messy"
"2089.839: here right there's a lot of things going"
"2091.599: on"
"2091.919: but you have to sort of see it at this"
"2093.119: level because this is the level that"
"2094.24: you're gonna work from"
"2095.76: the reason that i block reference this"
"2097.44: block basically all the permanent notes"
"2100.64: in my perm settle casting have the index"
"2103.92: in front of the permanent node itself"
"2107.44: and then when i go to journey"
"2111.52: let's go to character character it goes"
"2115.76: i have a little css here too by the way"
"2117.599: it sort of highlights the block so it"
"2119.28: shows you exactly"
"2120.32: the conversation that's going so you go"
"2122.16: character progression"
"2124.4: unexpected journey that makes sense"
"2127.52: right there's a thematic connection when"
"2129.28: you look at the word root word of theme"
"2130.64: it's just"
"2131.28: to put in a position there's a thematic"
"2133.359: connection"
"2134.48: within the zelda cast and that has a"
"2136.16: conversation that's going"
"2138: and then the reason that i block"
"2139.28: references is because what we don't want"
"2141.28: to just connect a bunch of ideas we want"
"2142.8: to output"
"2144.079: right and so if i go click on this"
"2145.839: reference right here"
"2147.119: inline references what happens it opens"
"2150.48: up something very interesting"
"2152.8: right with one click i have"
"2155.92: information here right i have"
"2159.119: information here that's all the all the"
"2161.28: different permanent notes that are"
"2162.48: connected to this"
"2164: permanent note journey when a"
"2165.52: character's journey sends them into the"
"2166.64: chaos of the frontier"
"2167.839: right and then i look at the indexes and"
"2169.839: i go journey avoidance"
"2172.56: journey meaning journey position journey"
"2174.72: destiny journey realization journey"
"2176.64: women journey chaos"
"2178.24: journey analog solutions that's"
"2179.92: interesting so"
"2182.16: looking at the css sprinkles that i have"
"2184.24: i kind of made it look like a button and"
"2185.68: i did"
"2186: that on purpose because i'm in the"
"2187.839: inline references here i open this again"
"2190.079: if i click on this one button"
"2193.119: let's scroll down here what i have is i"
"2195.119: have all the different relevant nodes"
"2196.48: that are connected to it"
"2197.52: i have the actual permanent note there i"
"2199.599: have the reference note with all the"
"2201.119: metadata i have all the literature notes"
"2203.119: with the multiple levels of abstraction"
"2206: let me do again although all the"
"2207.28: fleeting notes with multiple levels of"
"2208.72: abstraction"
"2210.16: so basically with one click i'm"
"2213.44: i'm able to see all the information that"
"2216.56: i've actually"
"2217.52: put into creating these ideas and"
"2220.8: thoughts"
"2221.599: and so if i close this bullet point the"
"2223.52: simplicity is this all hidden behind"
"2224.96: that one note"
"2226: what if i go into this note over here"
"2228.32: it's the same thing with one click"
"2230.64: i can look at the literature notes the"
"2232.64: fleeting notes the the permanent notes"
"2234.4: and all the relevant notes"
"2235.76: but the beauty of this is this let me"
"2237.68: come back to let me go to my"
"2238.88: daily notes page here yeah wait so let"
"2241.28: me um"
"2242: can can you go back to where you just"
"2243.92: were actually if you don't mind"
"2246.16: um where where you were showing the"
"2248.56: inline block references"
"2251.04: um that you're seeing um because i just"
"2254.32: want to point"
"2255.359: out a general principle that i think is"
"2258.8: really cool"
"2260.8: and i think that people can learn from"
"2264.24: so there's this idea of exploratory"
"2267.359: search like how do we find things when"
"2270.48: we"
"2270.88: don't know quite where to find them you"
"2273.839: know and we don't know"
"2275.119: exactly what we're looking for but we've"
"2277.359: got a pretty good feeling that we're"
"2278.8: like"
"2279.119: looking for something you know"
"2282.48: and so one of the ways that you can do"
"2285.04: that"
"2285.68: is through following ascent right like"
"2288.8: if"
"2289.2: the scent is far away then presumably"
"2293.599: as you approach towards it the scent"
"2295.92: gets stronger"
"2297.359: you know and so so what i'm seeing here"
"2299.599: with uh what you had with the inline"
"2301.68: block references"
"2303.44: is it was essentially a bunch"
"2306.88: of a bunch of very"
"2310.4: high level headlines that would let you"
"2313.44: that would give you some clue as to"
"2315.76: whether it's worth exploring more"
"2317.92: and then if that one's worth exploring"
"2319.599: more then it's really easy to just"
"2321.92: click on that expand it again explore"
"2324.4: more"
"2324.96: you know so like you're progressively"
"2326.88: unveiling more information and following"
"2329.52: sense wherever they take you yes"
"2332.64: and it's also realizing that the"
"2335.28: simplicity of"
"2336.64: having access to all the information"
"2339.44: that actually"
"2342.079: shows you how you got to that"
"2343.92: crystallized thought"
"2345.599: mm-hmm can i show you what what i mean"
"2347.76: say you have a scent say you have a"
"2349.119: scent and you're like you know what"
"2350.56: let's let's follow down let's follow"
"2353.119: down zettelkasten"
"2354.48: and let's see where that leads us right"
"2356.88: say i want to make an outline for a"
"2358.24: threadopalusa"
"2359.44: right and my outline the topic is going"
"2361.68: to be what the is the zettlecaster"
"2363.839: right and i'm like well let's start"
"2365.68: let's start with this"
"2366.96: so i'm going to go ahead and start"
"2369.92: bringing ideas in"
"2371.839: right and then i'm going to open up the"
"2373.68: references here and i'm going to go well"
"2375.52: let's see"
"2376.32: let's do vision right vision of a zelda"
"2380: cast and then i look here i go oh this"
"2381.599: is a great permanent note"
"2383.2: or this is just a great idea and what"
"2385.119: i'm doing is all i'm doing is on"
"2386.64: option click option dragging the"
"2389.28: different ideas but"
"2390.24: it doesn't stop there because i just"
"2391.839: opened up this entire"
"2393.359: block right that has all the information"
"2396.24: that led me to that"
"2397.44: so i can look back at my literature"
"2399.599: notes that i wrote"
"2400.64: i can add that to the outline this is"
"2403.44: all about output i don't want to just"
"2404.8: have something just"
"2405.76: as an archive i want output and then i"
"2407.599: go in here i can go to my fleeting notes"
"2409.359: that i've abstracted"
"2410.56: i can draw that in right and then i go"
"2413.52: okay that's that's great let's go down"
"2415.359: to"
"2416.48: the next idea let's just call this"
"2418.079: number two right and the next idea is"
"2420.24: going to be"
"2421.2: let's let's go vision let's go to"
"2423.68: physical limitations"
"2426.4: i go down and i'm like you know you know"
"2428: what this is cool let's let's"
"2429.52: let's bring in the source here let's"
"2432.72: bring in"
"2433.52: this first literature note that i wrote"
"2435.52: here it's not the literature note itself"
"2437.599: it's just an abstraction that i had"
"2439.839: or it didn't work it's just an"
"2442.48: abstraction that i had"
"2443.44: and then i could start building out this"
"2444.88: outline right and then i can also pull"
"2447.52: from even just"
"2448.48: simple fleeting note ideas that i had so"
"2450.88: you were talking about well"
"2452.16: you know you want to be able to block"
"2453.359: reference these fleeting nodes but you"
"2454.96: can"
"2455.68: but you're going to have context in"
"2457.119: which that fleeting note"
"2458.8: led to the permanent note and it shows"
"2460.8: you in context of where it comes from"
"2462.56: and then all i do is just keep going"
"2463.839: down"
"2464.56: and then say say i keep going down and i"
"2467.04: i can basically write"
"2468.64: the entire article just by looking at"
"2470.8: the inline references by pulling even"
"2472.96: the relevant notes everything is sort of"
"2475.599: draggable"
"2476.4: and i'm dragging everything over and"
"2478.48: it's like oh this is a great idea too"
"2481.04: i'll bring that over and i can"
"2484.16: get granular i can get just the just"
"2487.2: the fleeting note that sort of sparked"
"2488.8: this entire idea"
"2490.319: and so the whole idea is i can get to"
"2492.16: that point where i'm not focusing on"
"2494.96: collecting i'm focusing on"
"2496.4: how can i retrieve this information in a"
"2499.44: simple way utilizing the technology"
"2501.76: that's available"
"2503.359: i understand that there's other"
"2504.72: note-taking tools out there but"
"2506.48: it's the simplicity of this because then"
"2508: i can go to the next phase and i go"
"2509.68: you know what i've i've hammered all the"
"2511.92: way everything out of zettlecast in here"
"2514.64: right let me scroll back up here now i'm"
"2517.04: going to close this inline reference"
"2518.24: then i go to the next one and i go to"
"2520.24: okay faces doesn't have any linked"
"2521.599: references yet okay let's go to"
"2523.28: dialog and i click on this one and i go"
"2525.44: oh autonomous dialogue what does that"
"2527.119: mean"
"2528.079: and i go in here and i start pulling in"
"2532.079: and i can pull in any of the information"
"2534.24: that i've already done"
"2535.44: i don't need to click into another page"
"2537.119: everything is all represented there and"
"2539.119: it's all because of how it's nested"
"2541.68: and if i if i've done my work then what"
"2544.16: happens is i can pull"
"2545.599: from all these the work doesn't go to"
"2549.359: waste is what i'm getting at"
"2550.72: because the literature abstractions that"
"2552.079: i do can be used the fleeting node"
"2553.68: objections that i used can be used"
"2555.52: but then i also have the position of"
"2558.079: where this was created so even if i"
"2559.76: click"
"2560.079: on this permanent node here it's"
"2562: interesting because it'll also show me"
"2563.28: the date"
"2564.24: of that of the play time and place that"
"2566.24: it was created so"
"2567.359: now i have not just context in regards"
"2569.44: to fleeting literature and permanent"
"2570.96: notes but i have context to what was"
"2572.8: going on that day"
"2574.24: maybe my best friend passed away let me"
"2576.56: click onto that let me see the journal"
"2578: entries from there and then it also"
"2579.599: shows me in"
"2581.04: context of where it's actually located"
"2583.28: in my permanent notes page and i go"
"2585.28: zettlecast and dialog autonomous cool"
"2588.079: and i can just go in here and i can keep"
"2589.76: going"
"2590.8: and so basically i can pull all the"
"2592.72: information together"
"2594: and the purpose of all of this by the"
"2595.44: way i've done enough coaching sessions"
"2597.2: i i so i've done 40 coaching sessions"
"2600.4: right and i'm 40 for 40 here"
"2602.56: right i'm batting a thousand in regards"
"2604.24: to showing people"
"2606.16: a little bit more granularity than this"
"2607.92: sort of room tour but"
"2609.2: to be able to get to that aha moment of"
"2611.04: like finally there's a way"
"2613.44: to use the information that i'm"
"2615.599: consuming"
"2617.28: you know and it's how it's structured"
"2620.72: allows for that and it's you know i can"
"2623.599: pull in these"
"2624.48: different ideas that it's the work that"
"2627.2: i did"
"2627.92: and then the work doesn't go to waste"
"2629.599: and it's simple with one click i have"
"2631.839: all that information"
"2634.079: with one click and then if i need to"
"2635.839: close it i can close it"
"2637.92: and so this is really the power of not"
"2640.56: necessarily a settle casting the zeno"
"2642.319: casting has been around since the 50s"
"2644.319: it's the power that the this practical"
"2647.68: note"
"2648.16: taking system called zettle casting"
"2650.16: finally"
"2651.28: the technology caught up yeah because"
"2654.319: the granularity of"
"2655.44: rome happens at the block level because"
"2657.44: it's built on closure"
"2659.52: it doesn't happen at the page level it's"
"2661.119: not a markdown file"
"2662.72: even if it has even to have even if it"
"2664.88: has bi-directional linking"
"2666.24: the power is in the blocks and the"
"2668.64: granularity of the blocks"
"2671.44: you know and and it's you know i i"
"2675.119: urge people to get in contact with me i"
"2678.8: want to know how i can break it"
"2681.04: because at this point it's unbreakable"
"2684: i've had some k"
"2685.92: i've had i've had 40 coaching sessions"
"2688: i've had matt mckinley i have"
"2689.52: i've had andy henson brent you know what"
"2691.359: i mean it's like it's"
"2692.8: unbreakable and it's it's and i think"
"2696.24: it's"
"2697.839: it's a convergence that's happened and"
"2700.48: if we ask a different question it's not"
"2702.079: about"
"2702.56: how can i create a zettle casted in rome"
"2704.96: no the question is"
"2706.319: how can i create a zettle cast in"
"2710.48: maximizing the technology that rome"
"2712.56: offers"
"2714.56: and by asking that different question i"
"2716.24: got a different answer"
"2718.16: and it's placing things granularly at"
"2720.16: the block level in order so i can use it"
"2722.8: though"
"2723.28: i don't want to just have a bunch of"
"2724.48: notes i want to be able to use it so i"
"2726.56: can go through this outline here that i"
"2727.92: made earlier"
"2728.72: and i've already got my thread of"
"2729.839: palooza ready to go"
"2732: all i did was just drag things in this"
"2734.319: took me 15 minutes"
"2736.48: but let me take a look at my permanent"
"2738.72: notes here"
"2739.839: so i've got two different zettle"
"2741.359: capacitors i've got a permanent note"
"2742.64: here so this one i have"
"2744.4: well let me let me uh 129."
"2748.16: okay and so basically if every settle"
"2751.599: takes"
"2752.88: 15 to 45 minutes average i'm going to"
"2754.88: say averaging 16 minutes right"
"2757.359: i've put in 36 hours worth of work"
"2761.359: so when it comes down to actually sort"
"2763.52: of getting to this point"
"2764.72: where i'm outlining the reason it takes"
"2766.64: 15 minutes because i already did all the"
"2768.079: work"
"2772: and that's what it's about that's what's"
"2774: this is why i wanted to jump on a road"
"2775.68: tour with you because i"
"2776.56: wanted to sort of show people that if"
"2778.48: you use this as a tool"
"2780.64: you can finally solve that problem of i"
"2784.319: read"
"2784.64: 25 books in this last year but i don't"
"2787.28: remember any of it"
"2788.8: i don't know how to use it and that's"
"2790.88: the biggest thing that i realized and it"
"2792.4: was just like"
"2793.92: people need to understand that you can"
"2795.359: actually use this"
"2797.119: tool as a verb you know"
"2800.48: not just a collection not just an"
"2801.92: archive but"
"2803.76: yeah so that's so i want to"
"2807.119: point out i i just want to point out a"
"2809.92: few things so one"
"2811.839: is um someone"
"2815.68: really cool uh i think that you have"
"2819.119: shown"
"2820.24: you've shown a way of using rome that's"
"2823.04: very"
"2823.76: uh distinct from mine you know"
"2826.8: and it's also a different sort of settle"
"2828.64: casting than we saw on a previous tour"
"2830.8: with joel chan um just different ways of"
"2834.24: doing things"
"2835.28: you know and basically like the the main"
"2838.319: difference that i'm seeing"
"2839.68: with my style versus your style is that"
"2843.52: your style is very um"
"2846.96: very block reference heavy whereas mine"
"2849.2: is very page reference heavy"
"2851.599: you know and so what that gives you"
"2854.16: though"
"2854.96: um because you have this block graph"
"2857.68: heavy"
"2858.16: style and you have a consistent format"
"2861.2: that you use um then that makes it"
"2864.319: uh that's very well done with the"
"2865.92: indentation what that does"
"2868: is that makes it so you have a"
"2871.2: navigation heavy uh database"
"2874.96: you know like it's very easy for you to"
"2877.44: click from one to"
"2878.72: multiple places um you know and like"
"2882.48: it it's as though you're walking through"
"2885.359: a space"
"2886.559: you know um where i think the main"
"2889.44: difference"
"2890.48: uh with my style um or i wouldn't even"
"2893.76: say it's different"
"2894.559: because i i don't know like everyone"
"2896.64: does references and stuff but or you"
"2898.64: want to"
"2899.04: up in here yeah can i just add one thing"
"2902.079: if i could sort of crystallize what that"
"2904.48: looks like"
"2905.52: is it's providing a gps"
"2908.559: of where you're always located in your"
"2910.4: zettle casting"
"2911.76: which is important because once these"
"2913.28: notes start accumulating you always want"
"2914.8: to know"
"2915.52: where you are and also where you are"
"2918.079: contextually"
"2919.52: yeah so that was the sort of main focus"
"2921.52: because i don't want to just have a"
"2922.88: bunch of notes that are connected"
"2924.4: i want to know where did that note come"
"2926.079: from where's the context of that coming"
"2927.92: from"
"2929.04: and to always have that in every place"
"2931.2: that i jump to every door that i go down"
"2933.68: i need to know contextually where that"
"2935.599: idea is coming from"
"2937.359: or where i am going to go next"
"2939.52: contextually"
"2941.119: so yeah yeah"
"2944.559: it's it's interesting because"
"2950.079: it also allows for two different levels"
"2951.92: of clustering as well"
"2953.359: yeah traditional traditional clustering"
"2955.359: happens at this sort of"
"2956.64: the nesting level right but"
"2960.559: you'll also notice the inline references"
"2962.48: will start clustering as well"
"2964.72: some of them will have two some will"
"2967.28: have three"
"2967.92: some of them will have 21. and then i"
"2970.559: look at it and i go"
"2972.64: oh no why because i'm focused on"
"2975.04: story"
"2976.88: this is why i have 21 clusters here in"
"2979.92: regards to relevant nodes"
"2982.96: and it's it's really just this idea of"
"2984.96: if i want to write something"
"2987.599: all i need to do is have with one click"
"2989.52: open this up and see the context of"
"2991.839: everything in there yeah and then keep"
"2994.72: going down that list"
"2996.48: and it's it's just the blocks"
"3000.72: the power of the blocks yeah"
"3004.559: and again i want to say that like you've"
"3006.88: you've shown the power of the blocks in"
"3008.4: a way that i've never"
"3009.44: seen before you know like in in my room"
"3011.76: tours it's"
"3013.04: honestly it's pretty rare that i see"
"3014.88: something that uh"
"3016.88: i've never seen before or never tried"
"3018.96: really before"
"3020.319: um you know and and"
"3023.68: it's usually like differences of"
"3026.48: imagination"
"3027.52: versus differences of ways of using i"
"3030.559: guess"
"3031.04: but but you know so like it's like what"
"3033.119: i'm asking is"
"3034.24: if we're going at this question of okay"
"3036.64: how do we use the tools of rome"
"3038.72: to make the best settle cast impossible"
"3041.92: you know i think that that that actually"
"3045.68: raises a really"
"3046.8: like a question that i want to ask you"
"3048.96: here which"
"3050.16: is what do you think"
"3053.599: are the aside from the technical"
"3056.68: implementation that people use within"
"3059.92: rome"
"3060.559: to achieve the goals of a settle cast"
"3063.52: and like what do you think"
"3065.04: uh just like what do you think the goals"
"3068.48: are of a settle cast and what are the"
"3070.72: main principles that someone could"
"3072.64: follow"
"3073.52: within rome in order to do that like"
"3077.119: ignoring all technical implementation"
"3079.44: like what are the principles what are"
"3080.96: the goals"
"3084.8: the first thing to remember that you"
"3086.96: have to know what you want"
"3089.52: right you have to have a target you have"
"3090.8: to have a name you have to know like"
"3092.24: okay this is what i want"
"3093.599: you know i want to create this dialogue"
"3095.52: partner i want to have this conversation"
"3096.88: partner"
"3098.16: but after that it's you have to know why"
"3100.8: you want it"
"3102.24: because this takes time"
"3105.359: and you and there's this gap it's just"
"3107.359: like with anything that you want to make"
"3109.28: a habit there's the place that you're"
"3110.88: starting from and it's what you want"
"3112.8: and the whole idea is how can we bridge"
"3114.559: this gap it's like you"
"3116.4: how do you lose 10 pounds you know it's"
"3118.8: like new year's resolutions but what"
"3120.319: happens in february everyone's back"
"3122.319: you know what i mean no one's not"
"3123.52: everyone stops going to the gym everyone"
"3125.2: knows"
"3125.76: how to do it and i'm saying no put out"
"3128.319: to the side"
"3129.359: let's figure out what we want first"
"3130.88: let's have a target let's have an aim"
"3132.64: let's have a norton a guiding star then"
"3135.76: we figure out the emotional connection"
"3137.76: on"
"3138: why we want it because that'll sort of"
"3140.48: allow us to sort of"
"3141.68: get over these obstacles right because"
"3144.48: what's going to happen is this"
"3147.28: you're about to take a fleeting note and"
"3149.04: you're like ding twitter"
"3150.8: crap let me look at this or you're about"
"3154: to go into literature notes and you're"
"3155.119: like oh i got a new email let me check"
"3156.559: this real quick"

"3200.4: yeah and if you could structure this in"
"3202.4: a way where"
"3204.4: you can actually focus like it's not"
"3207.2: about collecting"
"3208.079: 200 000 fleeting notes it's not about"
"3210.72: collecting everything that we can"
"3212.88: because what happens it becomes a a"
"3215.119: graveyard"
"3216: that's the worst feeling like i'm"
"3217.44: listening to some of these people"
"3218.319: they're like oh my god i'm like"
"3220: so many years old and then they have"
"3221.92: nothing to show for it"
"3224.319: you know and i go i don't want that"
"3227.92: i don't want that for anybody you know"
"3230.16: i'm dealing with something right now"
"3231.359: where it's like i saw"
"3232.319: like one of my best friend passed away"
"3233.839: and it's like what does he have to show"
"3235.92: for it"
"3237.359: you know and i'd hate to be 70 80 years"
"3239.92: old on my deathbed going"
"3241.68:  i read 2 000 books"
"3244.88: in the last 40 years but i don't i don't"
"3248.079: there's no use for it there's no archive"
"3251.04: there's no"
"3251.52: sort of artifact from it there's no use"
"3255.2: from it yeah it connected yeah it"
"3256.64: resonated with me but i don't remember"
"3258.16: any of it"
"3259.04: and so for me it was what a zettel"
"3261.359: casting is"
"3264.72: is a way to utilize the information that"
"3268.64: we're taking"
"3269.839: in 2020 and beyond"
"3273.68: because we're so inundated with"
"3275.52: consumption this addiction to"
"3277.119: consumption it's the same thing like"
"3278.72: if i see a 500 pound uh person on the"
"3282: subway"
"3282.88: i don't i don't look at them and judge"
"3284.64: them no i have compassion towards them"
"3286.72: and it's the same thing when i see"
"3288: people go give me give me give me give"
"3289.52: me"
"3289.76: more more information i just want to"
"3292.079: know everything"
"3294: and then they're not really digesting it"
"3296: they're not slowing it down and going"
"3297.68: what does this really mean in my own"
"3299.44: words"
"3300.88: and the xenocastin has these points"
"3303.68: where"
"3304.24: it's like a litmus test to go what does"
"3306.559: this really mean"
"3308.24: what does this really mean let me think"
"3309.76: about this what is the author really"
"3312: saying"
"3312.64: what is resonating with me here and then"
"3315.76: how can i crystallize this into a"
"3317.52: thought how can i continue a"
"3319.2: conversation"
"3320: how can i stumble upon this at a later"
"3321.92: time and to me"
"3323.44: it's like dude if i if"
"3327.04: if"
"3330.079: some k released his book in 2017 rome"
"3332.88: research"
"3333.52: really dropped out of beta i mean maybe"
"3336.559: no judgement but they were open to the"
"3338.88: public and started taking money in"
"3340.96: what six months right and it's just like"
"3345.44: this is all very new yeah maybe i'm"
"3348.319: wrong maybe i'm completely wrong i have"
"3350.16: to start from scratch"
"3352: right i don't care because i know that"
"3354.96: it's"
"3355.28: powerful because even with even if it is"
"3358.64: completely wrong it's like the 40 people"
"3362.799: that have been able to walk through it"
"3365.92: when they get that aha moment of like"
"3367.839: wow"
"3369.04: there's a way to slow things down"
"3373.28: there's a way to actually think about"
"3376.24: what i'm thinking"
"3378.16: and to have like original ideas and then"
"3380.88: to connect this"
"3382: with other ideas that i have and to"
"3384.4: actually see my knowledge"
"3386.079: growing like see it"
"3389.119: there and because"
"3392.16: every note is written in my own words"
"3394.16: and because it's backed by evidence"
"3396.4: what happens is i like spending time"
"3400.079: with this this is more important than"
"3402.559: twitter threads this is more important"
"3404.4: than reading 200 books"
"3406.48: no let me find that one article let me"
"3409.28: bring out"
"3409.92: everything i can out of it let me"
"3412.559: abstract everything"
"3414.559: it'll take me two three days to read a"
"3416.96: eight page pdf"
"3420.079: because i'll make eight or ten fleeting"
"3421.839: notes but then what i'll do"
"3424.319: once i have the fleeting notes then i'll"
"3425.68: go back and process them at"
"3427.599: either that night or the following day"
"3430.24: or a couple days after"
"3432.24: i'll abstract out the fleeting notes"
"3434.079: i'll extract out the literature notes"
"3436: and then i'll add it to my permanent"
"3437.839: note taking anywhere between 15 to 45"
"3440.4: minutes"
"3442.319: and then it's like there's it's useful"
"3445.68: and then i can see it and there's like"
"3448.48: it's this"
"3449.599: feedback where it's like wow i can"
"3452.64: see my thoughts i can see what i'm"
"3454.88: interested in"
"3456: that's the thing that blows my mind and"
"3458.319: then not only can you trace it back"
"3460.88: you can with one click see everything"
"3464.319: there"
"3466: i mean that to me i i don't know i i you"
"3468.96: know"
"3469.92: i know what it is it's it's it's"
"3472.839: fascinating i"
"3474.24: i i just want to thank you for putting"
"3477.28: forth"
"3478.16: a very creative um"
"3481.28: and innovative approach to a zettle"
"3484.64: casting"
"3485.599: you know in rome um and"
"3488.64: like like you said i'm just so excited"
"3490.72: to see the ways that these"
"3492.799: conversations are developing like i"
"3495.04: don't think"
"3496: um you know in the early days of rome i"
"3498.24: think a lot of people weren't really"
"3499.44: using block references quite as much"
"3502: um they've definitely gained a lot of"
"3503.76: utility uh since"
"3505.92: since the early days and you've shown"
"3508.079: just like um"
"3510: in entirely different sets of use cases"
"3512.88: i guess"
"3513.68: you know like uh that that i think just"
"3516.24: adds"
"3516.72: so much to the conversation um"
"3520.24: and i think that any rome user who"
"3524: uh reaches out to you for coaching"
"3528.079: who works with your system and tries to"
"3531.04: implement as"
"3532.24: a xettle casting like 20 settles um i"
"3535.2: think that they'll"
"3535.92: be better at rome as a result of it"
"3539.359: you know"

Thinking about what I am thinking.

See my knowledge growing.

Everyone is written with my own words, backed by evidences […] I like spending time with it.

everyone is consuming information but no one’s digesting it

you know and it’s it’s this idea of dude i mean i was coaching these people and it it it hurt listening to what they wanted and why they wanted and why they don’t have it yet because they’re inundated with consumption about consuming oh my god you have to read this new book you have to you have to read this new article you have to know this new catchphrase and

everyone is consuming information but no one’s digesting it

and this is why it’s like i’m passionate about this is because finally there’s a way to slow down and really start thinking about what we’re all the information that we’re inundated with

This totally rings a bell in me. My approach is to identify a topic that I want to dig into, digest information about that topic, and still consuming others. I believe that even though I simply consume them, they create kind of an index in my brain that will help me decide the next subject to digest.

state of matter as metaphor for the three note-taking levels

i was thinking about what’s a better way of saying this and for me the three different phases that we go through when creating a permanent note uh in order to sort of have this conversation partner i started thinking about it differently i was like well what if we related this to the three states of matter right so

  • you have gas
  • you have liquid
  • and you have solid

right and it relates very well because

i think about gas and what is gas gas is just fast moving particles it’s like fast moving thoughts right and yeah what happens you know it’s fast moving thoughts and it’s like what happens (fleeting note)

if we start slowing down these fast moving thoughts you’re slowing down these fast moving particles what happens it starts becoming liquid right and you’ll skip this precipitation and it’ll start dripping it’ll start dripping and so you’re taking these fast-moving thoughts and you’re sort of slowing these thoughts down into a liquid

but a liquid with no sort of container is just a puddle on the ground and then i started thinking about it’s like well what is what is the reference notes what is the bibliography what is the sort of evidence right and if that could be the container to capture this liquid of these slowing down the thoughts the literature notes are contained in the reference notes or they’re contained in the bibliography or the evidence right and so now you have this container filled with this liquid of thoughts that have been slowed down and

then you can start crystallizing it into a solid state in the permanent note phase and and i like this way of looking at it because then it takes because we don’t want a conversation with the fleeting notes we don’t want a conversation with the literature notes because fleeting notes is just fast moving thoughts it’s just fast resonated ideas and then literature notes is just sort of what you’ve abstracted or inferred from what the author is saying what you want is you want the conversation to happen at the permanent note phase and so it’s like if you can slam those three phases as as tight as we can in regards to time what happens is then we start focusing on what the importance of a zettle casting is and that’s actually the permanent note conversation and so again i have to lay this groundwork down just so we can get into the sort of zettle casting

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