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Identifying Cognitive Biases Helps Feeling Better


When starting critical thinking, I learned to learn cognitive biases to help me do my best. Yet, learning stoicism, I learned that understanding things help feeling good about them. Also people do good things for a mixture of good and bad reasons and do bad things for a mixture of good and bad reasons, and then behavior often reflect a context rather than a personality.

Therefore, I decided to believe that spotting biases in others behavior helps getting a congruant model that in turn helps feeling good. This also helps applying dichotomy of control, realizing that most of the time, people are not rational being that can be reasoned with arguments but rather rationalizing intuitions (why do humans reason?). I have some control of the former by providing arguments, but none on the later (belief perseverance). Identifying this helps letting go of the situation and focus on doing my best other things that are actually in my control.