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I Know This Stuff Fallacy


fallacy when you are so sure you know what you are doing that you don’t bother cite others work. Often the claims about the stuff are said conclusively and without room for debate. They have this feeling of truthness that comes with easy to grasp stories (sounds true, then it is true fallacy).

Often, people simply hear about something and at some point think they know the subject. It may have something to do with cognitive ease, stating that the more we are subject to a stimuli, the more we are familiar with it, the more we trust and believe it.

It happens in a lot of situation. For instance, most people claiming they practice scrum did not even read the scrum guide. They just alieve they know it.

It might also be linked to the fact that most of the time in ordinary language we learn by seen examples, not by being taught a formal definition.

When confronted to this fallacy, often people feel bad and hurt in their practice. I think this has to do with some other issue, the is/ought_problem. Indeed, telling people they don’t some stuff does not mean they don’t know their stuff, that they are doing things wrong, or that they should know their stuff more. It only tells them that they should just be intellectually honest and do not claim they not some stuff they obviously don’t know about.

I think that the fact people seldom use nuance when they claim they know the stuff is linked to the fact that their tone is the only thing that allow them to support those. Because those seem quite correlated to me, my bullshitometer tends to rise when someone claims something without nuance and without supporting sources.