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How You Should Use Indicators?


Imagine you have setup indicators and made sure you will have to look at them in the future.

If the indicator says things are is bad shape, there are three options:

  1. you agree with the indicator,
  2. you disagree with it,
  3. you don’t care,

Then, respectively, those are the intuitive actions that come with those cases:

  1. strive to make things better until thing are better (and then the indicator will acknowledge this by telling everything is in order).
  2. adjust the indicator so that it agrees with you, this is also true is the indicator wrongly says everything is ok,
  3. remove the indicator, you don’t want to bloat your cognitive load with information you don’t care about,

I think this is as simple as that. Doing 1. might imply to plan something and cannot be done right away. In this case, you should temporarily disable the indicator and put the “fix the problem” in some trusted system.

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