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How to Share Experience?


how to share experience

conscience phénoménale

Experienced people often complain that non experience people “don’t listen” or “don’t understand”.

Those are victim of the retrospective bias, curse of knowledge

When practicing a sport, it is often that the professor say “you think too much, just let it go”. This is just a confusion between theirs educated system 1 and our novice one.

Experienced people should accept that fact (dichotomy of control) and focus on helping non experienced ones make their own experiment in the way that supposedly will educate your system 1 as fast as possible.

fail fast and often,

To my mind, experience cannot be shared, even less with just words -> problème difficile de la conscience

that does not mean that knowledge cannot be shared. Experience helps create knowledge that can be shared. knowledge sharing

therefore, the fact that you cannot share your experience does not mean that people are bound to not increase knowledge. It only means that not ALL knowledge can be shared.

parents that create controlled situation for their kids to fall without harm

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