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How to Make Us Make Right Choices?


To me, the first thing to do is to be educated enough about our own biases to spot those situations where we might make hasty conclusions (boosting). This helps avoiding feeling this cognitive ease that makes it so obvious that we are doing the right thing.

Using our analytic brain would help have a better assessment of whether the thing is right. In particular, taking into account your future self helps removing decisions that will be negative for per. Also, challenging intellectually honestly the decision helps mitigating the rationalisation.

Also, we could take advantage of the coherence biais and nudge ourselves in finding small achievements that can easily go through the 5 steps. Then, our own cognitive biases will make us feel like doing something bigger and coherent with the small action is also right.

We could also use the fact that people tend to generalize particular situations and repeat anecdotes of stuff that we might want to achieve.

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