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How to Fix Git Error Broken Link From Tree to Tree?


How to fix git error broken link from tree to tree? - Stack Overflow

fsck: optionally show more helpful info for broken links When reporting broken links between commits/trees/blobs, it would be quite helpful at times if the user would be told how the object is supposed to be reachable.

With the new –name-objects option, git-fsck will try to do exactly that: name the objects in a way that shows how they are reachable.

For example, when some reflog got corrupted and a blob is missing that should not be, the user might want to remove the corresponding reflog entry. This option helps them find that entry: git fsck –name-objects will now report something like this:

broken link from tree b5eb6ff… (refs/stash@{<date>}~37:) to blob ec5cf80…