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How to Design Snap-Fit Joints for 3D Printing


How to design snap-fit joints for 3D printing | 3D Hubs

[2021-02-25 Thu 03:17]

Snap-fit joints are a quick and easy way of connecting two 3D printed

[2021-02-25 Thu 03:17]

There are 2 main types of snap-fit connections that are appropriate for 3D printing: cantilever and annular.

[2021-02-25 Thu 03:19]

The cantilever is the most common snap-fit joint and consists of a protrusion (some type of bead or hook) at one end of the beam and a structural support at the other end

[2021-02-25 Thu 03:23]

The radius of the fillet should be at least of 0.5x the thickness of the base of the cantilever

[2021-02-25 Thu 03:21]

the clip should be at least 5mm wide

[2021-02-25 Thu 03:29]

For FDM a tolerance of 0.5 mm is recommended

[2021-02-25 Thu 06:54]

Use a 0.5mm tolerance for FDM snap-fit connections and 0.3mm for all other 3D printing processes.