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How to 3d Print Joints


How to 3D Print Joints – Simply Explained | All3DP

[2021-02-23 Tue 20:41]

3D printed joints come in handy in all sorts of situations. If you’re designing a 3D printed object with moving parts, such as a treasure chest or a truck with wheels, chances are you’ll need some kind of joint to bring everything together


[2021-02-23 Tue 20:43]

Clockwise: Examples of interlocking, cantilever, annular, and ball-and-socket joints. Source: Thingiverse


Any joint needs some space between parts in order for them to fit together. This space is called clearance. 0.3 mm is good for most 3D printers, though this can fluctuate between 0.2 and 0.6 mm


[2021-02-23 Tue 20:52]

For example, if you’re designing a ball-and-socket joint with a ball radius of 5.00 cm, the inner radius of the socket part should be at least 5.03 cm, even if they need to fit very tightly together