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How Do I Capture Stuff?


In order to capture every single thing what has my attention, I need to have a system that allow me to capture everywhere, anywhere.

Here are the situations I generally am in when needing to capture and how I deal with them:

  • When in front of my computer. I simply use org-mode,
  • When using my phone
  • when only my brain is available2, I put the thought in a mental palace that is eventually written in org-mode3.

Most of those rely on me having a daily inbox zero routine as part of my gtd process.

Everything ends in some org-mode document, where resides my second brain.

Notes linking here

  1. someday/maybe, I would use cmusphinx or snips to automate this ↩︎

  2. many of my “best” thoughts happen at night, or when I’m having a shower ↩︎

  3. this allows to free my cognitive load and allow me to sleep well, without forgetting important (to me) stuffs (open loop). ↩︎