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Gtd Is About Regularly Refreshing Your Mind About the Tasks That Matter


gtd is about regularly refreshing your mind about the tasks that matter

  • you take a look at the action items to remember what you knew you had to do
  • you perform a weekly review to remember what you put in it
    • you take a look at the past calendar to remember what you have forgotten
    • you take a look at the someday maybe

It is all about putting back in front of your eyes what you already knew but decided to forget to focus à 100% on the task at hand.

gtd and scrum don’t fix your problem, but give you a framework to see your problem so that it is easier for you to fix it.

By making sure that you brain will process your commitment on a regular basis, you feel confident not doing what you are not doing and can unleash your creativity on what you are currently doing.

what’s a C priority? At some point, anything you’re doing is a A priority.

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