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Glasses Organizer


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glasses organizer

a small drawer to put the lids

The first step I want to make it to take care of the few lids on the left.

When I take a glass, the lids fall. If I put them horizontally, I cannot put a glass over them and then the whole volume on top of them is lost.

So let’s create a small drawer to put them into with a flat top so that I can still put a glass on it.

They have a diameter of 8 cm and the drawer needs to be at least 3 cm high.

With openscad, I guess it should look like this.

This is not right, the square is actually a square while I thought it would be a rectangle. Plus, somehow openscad does not export the bottom part.


Also, I think that, I think I finally want to bevel only one corner instead of all four of them.

Well, it is starting to become unnecessarily complicated. I feel like open scad is a wonderful piece of technology, and that mastering it would be a good thing. But so far, because I think it will take me too much time compared to the few minutes it takes with blender, I choose to be pragmatic.

This is what I come to in blender.



And now, the lids are easier to store and the surface taken to store them does not prevent using the volume above. In other terms, I can put a glass over the drawer.

hang the plastic cups

A whole lot of volume is still usable on top of the glasses, and the plastic cups are struggling to find a place to be.