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A (idea of a) tool to visualize all my horizons of focus.

A pun with gestalt, because the gtd is about putting things out of our head to see the gestalt of our commitment.

We don’t even need to lead any kind of a structure conversation about priorities. If you truly could see in front of you every single thing that you need to do if you have some discretionary time, most of you probably would have a very good intuitive sense of:“Ohhh, that versus that”. (see gestalt)

I like org-mode, so I want to keep the content in there. But I also want to visualize the network of all those commitments.

Each element in a level of commitment is connected to some elements in a higher level.

Ideally, I want to be able to edit the graph in place.

Besides, I don’t know how to store this directed acyclic graph data elegantly in the hierarchical nature of org-mode, so I guess I will use a support database to do so.