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Follow Your Intuition but Don't Trust It


Following your intuition gives you the possiblity to have guided serendipity. It will allow you to fail fast and often, to help educate your system 1.

But don’t trust your intuition, because there are plenty of cognitive bias that it will fall into.

If at some point you need to make an educated guess, don’t ask your intuition.

In other terms, don’t follow your intuition because your intuition tells you to do so. But decide in which situation following your intuition makes sense.

Also, it is ok to follow a not trustworthy intuition, because of all the good that comes with guided serendipity.

Believing that following one’s intuition is opposed to needing to think through everything is the fallacy known as straw vulcan.

If at some point you deem that following your intuition is the rational way to have a good life, then there is nothing wrong to thinking through the process of following one’s intuition.