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Entangled Iterative Evolution of the Method and of the Tool


Sometimes, I hear people say that “We should focus on the method, the tool will follow”.

To me, this is a case of linear thinking fallacy.

we shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us.

We in general watching people using tools to get inspirations of possible methods. Then, when we try to apply the methods, we adapt them and sometimes develop new tools to better fit those adaptations.

When you have to get a nail in a wall, watching people use hammers for the first time might help guessing about using those. When using a hammer then, you might realize that you could use a better grip, or a more balanced hammer. Then you realize that in that case you might finally have a better time with a nail gun, or a screw and a screw driver. You need to understand what it feels like to use the hammer to make a choice.

if the method and the tool did not co-evolve, we should already have the best tool for each method and/or the best method for each tool, and innovation would be much less of a word.