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Enclosure Design for 3D Printing


Enclosure design for 3D printing: A step-by-step guide | 3D Hubs

[2021-02-25 Thu 06:51]

Wall thickness A minimum wall thickness of 2 mm is recommended for all enclosure walls.

[2021-02-25 Thu 06:51]

Add radii/fillets to corners Radii or fillets help to reduce stress concentrations at corner and edges and also make parts easier to 3D print. Even a small radius can make a big difference.

[2021-02-25 Thu 06:49]

Component clearance Allow 0.5 mm around all internal components to compensate for distortion, shrinkage and printer tolerances

[2021-02-25 Thu 06:50]

Clearance holes Add 0.25 mm to the diameter of screw and fastener clearance holes. For more accurate clearance holes, drill the holes after printing.

[2021-02-25 Thu 06:51]

Self taping holes Subtract 0.25 mm from the diameter of holes if you are wanting the screw or fastener to bite into the case.

[2021-02-25 Thu 06:52]

Port clearance For all ports or plugs allow 2 mm clearance (1mm each side). The input port can also be super glued into place for a secure connection.

[2021-02-25 Thu 06:52]

Lugs should be a minimum of 5mm in width.