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Emotional Thinking


When the emotion we have with regard to a problem hide the problem itself.

We end up stressing how important the problem is, because of the emotions. But we often don’t realize we don’t even understand the problem.

To me, emotion is a system 1 heuristic. It provide meaningful information without giving explanation and needs to be taken into account in the thinking. Yet, it is suggest to biais. Decisions made using emotion should in general go through system 2 thinking before hand. Also, emotion help understanding what one’s values are.

To write my values, I basically listened to my emotions and wrote down possible explanations of why those emotions came. I iterated a lot, because nice stories are easy to write.

Understanding one’s values, in turn, help mastering one’s emotion when those come (understand first, accept second). To me it is linked to intuitions come first, strategic reasoning second. Emotions come first, understanding and acceptation come second.

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