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Easythreed X1 X-Axis Belt Tensioner (PLA) by Null_Hypothesis - Thingiverse


Easythreed X1 X-axis belt tensioner (PLA) by Null_Hypothesis - Thingiverse

This is a simple X-axis belt tensioner for the Easythreed X1 and X2. It can even be printed on the easythreed itself in PLA (as oposed to the previous version which needed to be printed in ABS). All it requires two additional m3 nuts and two m3 bolts that are 12 to 20mm.

How it works: This part replaces the panel that would normally hold the X-axis gantry to the z-axis rods. When tightened, the m3 bolts push the X-axis rods, tightening the drive belt.

Print recommendations: -The part is designed to be printed with supports in PLA.

Note: Depending on your printers tolerances you may find that the the z-axis bearings are held slightly loosely. If so, simply wrap them in a thin layer of painters tape and they should fit snugly. It was necessary to allow for higher tolerances so that this could be printed on the X1 itself.