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Do Blockchain Enthusiasts Like Making Things Look Complicated?


Do block-chain enthusiast like ambiguity?

So far, I still decided to believe that I’m not enough clever of educated to understand them, but as time goes and I adjust my prior, I’m progressively thinking that they truly have a problem with defining things.

  • they use the word wallet to refer to so many concepts,
  • instead of topping their account up, they topup their account.
  • they use the term semi-fongible where that does not make any sense,
  • venly sells a SDK and calls it widget. Seriously? That’s particularly counter intuitive from a company whose intent it to make
  • in French at least, they make fun of attempt to provide clear naming

While “crypto jeton indexĂ©” is exactly what definition they give of a stablecoin.

  • also in French, people say “staker des coin” with a pronunciation that resembles “stack some coins”
  • again in French, people keep talking about “escrow” as in “escrow payment”. Unfortunately, there is also the very common word “escroc” that means a crook. Both words totally make sense in most contexts.
  • they use the word web3 to say a several things, but seldom related to the semantic web,
    • the library to play with ethereum
    • the property of not relying on a server
  • they talk with each other using EIP-….
    • I normal people did that in real life, the simple sentence “mails are now written in html and webmails accessible in https” would look like “rfc2822 are written in rfc1866 and webmails accessible in rfc2818”

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