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Clk Shared Personal Extension


clk shared personal extension

This is one of the use cases for which extensions are used.

Say you contribute on some shared code, using clk as automation tool. Imagine you have quite a opinionated way of doing things and don’t want to mess with the local configuration shared to all your coworkers.

You still want to put your configuration in the repository, so that when a friend asks for help in her computer, you can still enable your “so better and awesome” configuration.

In that case, you might want to create a local extension with your name and enable it globally

clk extension create myname
clk extension enable --global myname

Because the extension is using your name, there is little chance it would be enabled in anywhere other than your computer, so you can put whatever disruptive things you want in there.

clk parameter set --local-myname somecommand --someoption

And you can safely commit this extension without impacting your friends.

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