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Clk Flows Don't Need to Have Conditions


clk flows don’t need to have conditions

Because polymorphism prevents conditions, I decided to believe that flows that are composed of abstractions don’t need condition. The contextual polymorphism make the implementation perform the correct condition.

Some times, people say they want to avoid running a command in a flow when it does not make sense.

For instance, imagine the flow generate -> configure -> build

  1. generate creates the source code to build, may be from some sort of DSL,
  2. configure creates the build files
  3. build run the build itself

This flow looks quite generic. In the case you don’t generate code, you might wonder what to put in generate and want the flow to simply ignore it.

I’d rather indicate that generate is a noop in that case. This empty slot might well be used in the future if some code generation is required.