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Clk Flow


When a command as a “natural” predecessor, this can be informed in the flow of the command.

Then, you can simply issue the command while triggering its whole flow.

For instance, when 3D printing, I have the following commands that may well be run independently.

  1. clk 3d slicer: run a slicer to transform a 3D model into printer gcode commands,
  2. clk 3d feed: run the printer commands to insert filament,
  3. clk 3d calib: put the nozzle at the 4 locations needed to calibrate the printer,
  4. clk 3d upload: upload the gcode file to the machine connected to the printer,
  5. clk 3d print: actually run the print

I may want to run any of those commands for itself, so I really need 4 commands. But quite often I just want to run a print doing the full sequence.

So I can just run:

clk flowdep set 3d.print 3d.slicer 3d.feed 3d.calib 3d.upload

And then, the command clk 3d print has the new option --flow to run the whole stuff.

clk 3d print --flow # the whole stuff
clk 3d print --flow-from 3d.upload # only upload and print
clk 3d print --flow-after 3d.slicer # already did the slicing and ask for the next steps

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