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Clk Extension


clk extensions allow to ship configurations together

In case you need more than the traditional global vs local levels, you can create extensions.

clk extension create myextension
Created extension global/myextension.

A extension is only a subfolder inside a root level (like global or local) in which you can put your configurations.

In the above example, the extension was created in the global level.

By default, extensions are disabled, meaning they don’t impact you commands. Try to enable this extension with.

clk extension enable myextension
Enabling extension myextension in profile global

One tricky aspect of extension is that there are two levels to take into consideration:

  1. the level in which the extension is created, meaning the folders where it is located,
  2. the level in which the extension is configured, meaning where you tell whether or not it is enabled.

This may look complicated, but you’ll get used to it. Once you master it, you can fulfil several use cases.

  1. the shared personal extension,
  2. the personal feature extension,

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