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Clk and Cognitive Load


clk and cognitive load

You can create and modify commands very easily and create a lot of aliases and parameters. Eventually, using clk should bring cognitive load to a minimum.

Because sometimes your brain use different wordings to find the same concepts, you should use aliases to adapt the commands to your preferences.

If you don’t want to pollute others with your personal aliases, use a clk shared personal extension.

For instance, I have two screens at work. Some times I prefer switching them off and on using the command clk x one, meaning leave only the principal screen and switch off the side screen. Or sometimes I want to run clk x left to indicate that I want only the left screen on. clk x one and clk x left do exactly the same things but are slightly different representations of the same thing. Instead of adjusting my brain to try to fit to one way of thinking, I use aliases to make both available. see shape your tools, don’t let your tools shape you.