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Clk Alias


For commands (or very simple sequences of commands) that are used very often, one may find cumbersome to type them that often. They might want to reduce the number of keystroke to run them.

For instance, I triage my photographs using the succession of three commands:

  1. images wip-gather: gather all the photographs from the several possible input (phone, camera, etc.)
  2. docs photovideo import –cwd ~/perso/Images/wip –no-wait: put those photos in ipfs without waiting for confirmation for each image
  3. docs photovideo compute-all: compute the thumbnails and web images for each photo, so that I can easily watch them afterwards

This is so boring to type that I can create the following alias:

clk alias set images.roundtrip images wip-gather , docs photovideo import --cwd /home/sam/perso/Images/wip --no-wait , docs photovideo compute-all

Then I simply have to type clk images roundtrip to run the whole stuff.

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