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Bullshit Merge Request


When you start a merge request, it must be because you think your work will be annoying people and want to make is stable enough before submitting it to the common branch.

Then, don’t merge it when the continuous integration breaks. Of course, you must not fix the continuous integration per se, but the fact it is broken means that:

  • either the code is broken somewhere,
  • or the continuous integration does not reflect anymore the fact that the code is ok,

Either way, the fact it is broken will most likely result in your teammate:

  1. take some time to find out what is going on,
  2. waste cognitive load after each push to separate the “normal failures” from the “failures I need to fix”,

Also, it may happen that the merge request passes the CI and once merged develop breaks. This is totally ok and still needs to be quickly fixed.

But, never ever ever merge a merge request that you know will make the CI of develop break.

Again, this does not mean to fix the code. You might need to share some urgent code with your teammates. In that case, disable the associated tests and capture in your collaborative trusted system that you will need to fix that later.