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Box for King of Tokyo


tag: learning 3D printing

Reusing the tea box and sizing it to 6.2 * 2.8 * 4.2

first try

the bottom layer is too weak

using OpenSCAD


So, its only playing with boolean operators around rounded boxes.

The core of it is the rounded box.

module roundedBox(length, width, height, radius) {
  dRadius = 2*radius;
  minkowski() {
    cube(size = [width-dRadius, length-dRadius, height]);
    cylinder(r = radius, h = 0.01);

And the mesh is the same think with more volume.

// box
translate([radius, radius, 0]) {
  difference () {
    roundedBox(length, width, height, radius);
    translate([wallTickness, wallTickness, wallTickness]) {
      roundedBox(length-wallTickness*2, width-wallTickness*2, height, radius);


To create the lid


This one is great.