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Belief Perseverance


Put simply, people don’t change their beliefs about stuff that matter.

When you ask people why do you believe what you believe, they answer by giving reasons. Subjectively, reasons are prior to beliefs, which can be deduced from them. But we know that the power of reason is an illusion. The belief does not change when the reasons are defeated.

The causality is reversed. People believe the reasons because they believe the conclusion.

In politics and in religion, the main driver is social. We believe what the people we love and trust believe.

This is not a conscious decision to conform by hiding one’s true beliefs. It’s the truth, this is how we believe.

Indeed, beliefs persevere without any social pressure.


maintaining a belief despite new information that firmly contradicts it


If you provide evidences that entail some belief and afterwards prove that the evidence was messed up, people still conserve the belief.

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