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Be Clear About Your Non Commitments


gtd is among other things, about being appropriately engaged.

Hence I’ve setup a trusted system that captures my commitments. Unfortunately, a topic happens from time to time that no matter how clear I clarified I did not commit to it, people still behave like if I committed to it.

It happens mostly in team commitments, where other members of the team behave as if they were committed (and they most likely are). As a member of the team, I become part of it against my will, at least from an exterior perspective. This is independent of disagree and commit, where I can commit to some team goal while not believing it. Here, on the contrary, I might agree with the idea but did not deem reasonable to believe that I (and likely the team) would make it, hence I would feel that committing would be intellectually dishonest.

The strange thing with such situations is that being surrounded with people behaving as if I was committed tends to make me doubt: Did I actually commit? Why isn’t that in my trusted system? Did I miss it?

Hence, to keep having a clear mind and make sure I’m appropriately engaged, I need to capture also stuffs that are non committed expectation in my trusted system. That way, I can feel good reminding me of when, where and with whom I clarified the non commitment.

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