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Automatic Watches


6 Affordable Automatic Watches That Feel Luxe

What Is a Fully Automatic, Self-Winding Watch?Proper automatic movements, you say? What are those? Good question. An automatic watch, confusingly also known as a “self-winding” watch, is a mechanical watch where the natural motion of the wearer—you—moving their arm about (picking up a coffee, waving hello, or just walking around) provides all the energy needed to wind the mainspring (this is the watch’s power source, a spiral torsion spring, but think of it like your phone’s battery). This means if you wear the watch regularly you never have to wind. It just keeps going. How long it keeps going after you stop wearing it is called the power reserve (similar to when your phone is left on standby). Hand-wound watches can’t do this, you have to remember to wind them at regular intervals.