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Are Abritrary Deadline Ok?


Some might say that using non real deadlines is pointless, because you know the date is bullshit and will tend to procrastinate.

I think this is partly true.

Those are to me bad reasons to put a deadline:

  • just so that your broken system shows it in the correct reports,
  • because you think it will incentive you to do the task,
  • to arbitrarily mark a task as important,

But there is at least a situation where it might make sense.

Some tasks gradually become more and more annoying. At some point you really are bothered by the task not being done.

You can try to find the date after which some kind of bothering threshold is reached and put a deadline there.

You know that the deadline is only about you, but like other deadlines, it tells something about negative consequences when the deadline is reached and the task is not done.