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Application Design and Straw Man Fallacy


When discussing with architect/expert/tech lead kind of guys (me included), I often have the feeling that they don’t know how it feels to follow their advises/design/architecture document.

When discussing with product owners, I sometimes have the feeling that they don’t really get the point of the user behind the user personas they present.

I call this phenomenon the ivory tower effect.

I think that there is an easy trap to give oneself the false belief that we understand the people we are dealing with while we actually don’t. I think this has to do with the straw man fallacy.

I strongly believe in dogfooding to make people feel whats it is like to be impacted by their own product. I even decided to believe that the most sensible hypothesis is that if such people (including me) tell you otherwise, they are biased and don’t even realize it.

Therefore, I suggest we check whether there is any substance in claims about users feeling by having had the experience of the user. Otherwise, I encourage to discard such claims.

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