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Andy Matuschak's Evergreen Note System on Roam – Joshua Mitchell


Andy Matuschak’s Evergreen Note System On Roam – Joshua Mitchell [2021-01-22 Fri 07:08]

it’s a note taking system designed to help insights accumulate by making notes useful and worth building on

[2021-01-22 Fri 07:10]

want in a second brain: I see something online (or I capture a thought myself) and think – oh, that’s interesting. Interesting for what? I don’t know yet, but if it’s good, it’s because I expect it to influence my thinking about something else in the future.

[2021-01-22 Fri 07:11]

formulate new ideas, you had to start from scratch to connect everything into a cohesive thought process.

[2021-01-22 Fri 07:28]

Properties of Evergreen notes:Atomic: Evergreen notes should be about one thing, and flesh out that one thing well

[2021-01-22 Fri 07:28]

easily findable (no broad notes), andeasy to build on top of (no fragmented notes)

[2021-01-25 Mon 09:53]

Concepts are “evergreen” in the sense that they’re pure. They’re not biased towards a particular domain, point of view, or time period. Thus, in theory, any note on a particular concept should only change if you learn more about the concept. Other than that, they’re sturdy building blocks for other ideas.