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Afterlife for My Phones


For fixed devices that provide computation power and are connected using wifi or bluetooth, raspberry pi are a better choice. For exterior things that need a long battery life, dedicated chips are a better choice.

A phone is a good candidate when:

  • you can plug it (or you need it unplugged for only a few hours) and you need one of the
    • camera,
    • accelerometer,
    • GNSS,
    • sound,
    • microphone,
    • NFC,
  • and it is not in your pocket (otherwise, you can use your current phone),


  • photo gallery, if you can plug another screen,
  • security camera
  • presence detection
  • animal buddy (like bird buddy)
  • retro gaming box
    • chromecasting makes it too slow
    • the wiimote does not pair well
    • joy con pair well only from android 11
  • story box (like yoto)
  • house remote control (chromecast, domotic)
  • parrot remote control
  • alarmclock
  • pomodoro timer
  • baby phone
  • gnss tracker
  • drawer light


I just threw it away. android 4 and now way to update it. It even does not connect to most https sites anymore because it only has ssl v2.


Now that it is unlocked, I may do something with it.

blade s6 (p839f30)

no way to unlock the oem, so no way to root it or install a custom rom. To bad…

Used as a baby monitor and remote control for parrot sumo, while the later lags and is not very comfortable.


  • photo gallery

wiko cinq peax

became a pomodoro timer

I cannot run google play, nor install fdroid or install any application, like brave. Android SDK 16 seems too old now. There is no html5 sound neither.

Also, there are no custom roms for it.


trying gnss tracker

the chip only receive gps signal, not even glonass. It had a hard time keeping a precise location.

trying retro gaming

installing lemuroid, but

  • the stock rom use android 4, while lemuroid needs at least android 6
  • with lineage os (and the version 7), mhl appears not to work, because it does not use samsung’s firmware


using baby monitor


retro gaming

cannot plug hdmi, so that’s a no go

trying gnss tracker