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Adversarial Collaboration


Putting two people that have incompatible points of view to collaborate towards a common goal.

When studying priming, Daniel Kahneman realized that, because of the 15 extra IQ points and belief perseverance, it is not easy to change one’s mind, even when trying to use the scientific method.

Therefore, trying to put two people that disagree to collaborate has limits.

Yet, Daniel Kahneman argues that it is a better solution than the classical alternative of the angry science effect, where people tend to use fallacy to win a “fight”.

Also, when we think about the experiment to conduce, Daniel Kahneman thinks we are biased towards ones that confirm our beliefs.

Collaborating with an “adversary” helps conducing experiments that would actually help rejecting our hypothesis, forcing us to consolidate it or find another one. This is limited by our tendency of 15 extra IQ points and belief perseverance though.

According to him, those often end up in friendlier term than they started.

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