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Adapt the Method, but Don't Do It Naively


adapt the method, but don’t do it naively

I tend to be pragrmatic. I won’t say you should apply a method per se but because it helps you solve a problem.

Therefore, adapting a method is totally fine. But it should be done with care:

  1. be intellectually honest and don’t pretend you apply the method in that case. It is totally fine claiming that you apply a method that is inspired by X. Saying you do X has the following bad consequences:
    1. people that know X better than you will think you did not understand it,
    2. people that know X lesser than you will mistakenly adapt their prior,
  2. make sure you apply the method before trying to adapt it. Simply using the wording and a few routines is not enough. Read the method from end to end several times. Often, people adapt a straw man method while the original method might be totally fine. (see avoir l’intuition de faire les choses bien vs ĂȘtre convaincu de faire les choses bien).
  3. beware that a method is generally thought through and its parts generally work together. Just putting aside part of the method that “does not suits” you might break other parts of the method.

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