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7 Habits of Highly Effective People


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https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=50.42s habit number one be
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=54.449s proactive the number one thing you need
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=57.27s to focus on is to take action and be
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=59.219s responsible for your own life you need
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=61.8s to stop blaming circumstances for any
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=63.78s difficulties or failures that come along
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=65.7s if it rains the day you had planned a
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=68.1s picnic don’t let that get you down no no
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=70.83s you simply buy a big umbrella and head
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=73.409s out in the rain you have the power to
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=75.78s control your thoughts to learn from your
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=77.909s mistakes and to choose your own path
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=81.11s habit number two begin with the end in
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=83.549s mind to begin with the end in mind
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=86.25s requires a clear vision of where you
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=88.17s want to go you need to think about your
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=90.689s goals values and priorities in order to
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=93.78s do so Covey suggests that you write your
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=95.85s own personal mission statement his
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=98.07s suggested way to do this is to imagine
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=99.96s that you are attending your own funeral
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=101.82s and all your friends family and old
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=103.86s colleagues are there what would you like
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=105.899s them to say about you now that you are
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=107.52s gone and how do you need to live your
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=110.04s life to make that happen
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=111.329s it seems simple but writing a mission
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=113.85s statement is not something you do
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=115.229s overnight so take your time and don’t
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=117.42s rush
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=119.17s habit number three put first things
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=121.42s first this habit is all about priorities
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=124.62s you need to realize that it’s alright to
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=127.36s say no when necessary and spend your
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=129.399s time focusing on your highest priorities
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=131.319s and remember not to confuse most urgent
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=134.47s with most important focus on the most
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=137.14s important tasks first and keep going
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=139.12s until you reach the finish line or put
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=141.73s another way never be so busy driving
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=144.04s that you forget to put fuel in the car
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=146.67s habit number four think win-win two wins
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=150.819s make everyone better off this is true in
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=153.64s all aspects of life in friendships
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=155.83s marriages business and all other
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=158.019s relationships where you interact with
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=159.7s another person if one party loses they
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=162.97s walk away with bad feelings like defeat
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=165.13s or anger and in the long run this will
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=167.62s hurt the relationship highly effective
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=170.23s people become highly effective by
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=172.12s multiplying their allies not their enemies
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=174.07s habit number five seek first to
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=177.85s understand then to be understood many
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=181.12s people don’t listen with the intent to
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=182.89s understand but with a desire to respond
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=185.32s they are either already speaking or
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=187.78s preparing to speak this will often lead
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=190.42s to misunderstandings and
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=191.65s miscommunication so seek first to
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=194.019s understand then to be understood
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=195.34s yourself and remember to understand
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=198.34s someone you need to listen for more than
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=200.32s words if you truly want to understand
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=202.87s you have to also listen for feelings and deeper meaning
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=205.48s habit number six
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=208.54s synergize the whole is greater than the
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=211.69s sum of its parts synergy is the result
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=214.299s of applying all the previous habits it
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=216.64s is about teamwork open-mindedness and
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=218.799s the adventure of finding new solutions to old problems
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=220.75s habit number seven
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=224.14s sharpen the saw this habit is best
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=227.019s explained by this anecdote imagine you
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=229.81s were to meet a man in the woods working
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=231.7s to saw down a tree what are you doing
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=234.61s you ask
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=235.66s can’t you see I’m sawing down this tree
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=238.14s you look exhausted how long have you
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=240.82s been at it
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=242.08s over five hours and I’m beat this is
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=244.87s hard work
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=245.85s well why don’t you take a break for a
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=248.14s few minutes and sharpen the saw I am
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=250.21s sure it would go a lot faster I don’t
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=253s have time to sharpen the saw the man
https://youtu.be/DY49svNcdrU&t=255.01s says empathetically I’m too busy sawing