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3d Printer Enclosure


DIY 3D Printer Enclosure: 6 Cheap & Easy Solutions | All3DP

[2021-02-26 Fri 01:50]

Ideally, you should make your enclosure out of nonflammable material (e.g. metal and glass), which may not be cheap.  Keep in mind that a good thermal insulator can be easily flammable (e.g. polystyrene) so it’s a good idea to always add a smoke detector to your enclosure.

[2021-02-26 Fri 01:50]

benchtop photo studio tent. Amazon sells these for cheap.

[2021-02-26 Fri 01:51]

Beware, however, that the material typically used to make these tents is highly flammable.

[2021-02-26 Fri 01:52]

Many old cabinets and closets can be converted into enclosures

[2021-02-26 Fri 01:53]

is one the most popular and budget-friendly options for a 3D printer enclosure. It’s the IKEA LACK enclosure made from two (or three) tables stacked on top of each other. While the bottom table serves as an actual stand onto which you place the printer, the top table is typically fitted with thin acrylic sheets and serves as a hood onto which a spool-holder can be placed