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3D Printer Clogs and Jams


Good filaments generally have a tolerance of +/- 0.05 mm. That means the diameter varies less than 0.05 mm from the it’s advertised width. If the filament tolerance is larger than +/- 0.05 mm, it might clog your printer.


first thing that you should try in the event of a filament jam is heating your hotend up to a slightly higher temperature than you normally would, for whatever material you were printing with. Typically 5-10°C higher is a good place to start. After it heats up, take your filament and try to push it through the hotend by hand. If your filament is too malleable, it is fine to use a small screwdriver or other such tool to push with


typically check your printer’s extruder and find that the teeth on your hobbed bolt are filled with plastic.


Insert the string/needle into the nozzle tip, heating the extruder if need be, and slide it back and forth inside. This can dislodge little pieces of hardened plastic, and hopefully allow your filament to extrude smoothly.


If you are able to get the nozzle free, it is possible to melt out the residual filament using a heat gun or blowtorch


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