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Headset Holder
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Printable Playing Card Holder
Trying to Create 3D Joints
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Adapting the Suction Cup Hook to My Use Case
Trying to Avoid Warping
Scaling Blender Stl Export to Get Meaningful Units
Printing a C Battery Holder in Openscad
Create a Battery Dispenser for C Batteries (Aborted)
Printing a Meeple of a Kid Goat and Discovering 2D -> 3D Modeling
First Try of Using Heat Set Inserts
Printing a Battery Dispenser and Discovering Plane Cut
Printing Filament Dispenser and Discovering Freecad
Creating a Universal Battery Connector in 3D
Printing a Unicorn and Discovering Support Structure
First Attempt at 3D Printing With the Labists X1 Mini