Trying to Use Gpg to Deal With My Ssh Connections


Following the guide from

As a matter of fact, I already used gpg to deal with my ssh keys, using gpg-agent --enable-ssh-support and adding the key with a simple call to ssh-add.

Therefore, I don’t need the part of exporting the ssh key since it is already in the keyring.

I can simply find the keygrip in ~/.gnupg/sshcontrol and insert this key in my primary keyring only for authentication purpose.

Well, the following commands will show I was wrong.

$ gpg --expert --edit-key mykey

The key is imported, but it has the ssh-passphrase in it, so I cannot make it use the gpg secret key one.

Also, trying to directly import the ssh key into my keyring makes the ssh client not able to use the key. I don’t know why.

I eventually used a temporary keyring and imported the ssh key, like indicated in the article and it worked fine.

In the future, I might want to remember to follow the advise of to deal with the ssh key fingerprint.

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