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Poor First Layers Printed


tag: learning 3D printing

poor first layers

The first layers of my prints have started to become bad. The filament gets out by smoothly. Strange thing is that after a few layers, everything is ok.

DONE Hypothesis: dirty inside of nozzle?

Used cleaning filament -> no change

DONE Hypothesis: printing bed too cold?

Warmed it to about 30°C before printing -> no change

DONE Hypothesis: broken fan?

Changed the fan -> no change

DONE Hypothesis: buildtak too old

trying with a new one

The result is much better :-)

NOT_DONE Hypothises: dirty outside of nozzle: not conducting the heat well?

May be it needs to remain hot for some time for the whole nozzle to have a stable temperature.

NOT_DONE Hypothesis: remaining soap in the printing bed changing the physical properties of the filament?

NOT_DONE Trying to reproduce the error in a controlled fashion

I will try with this model.

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