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My Deskjet 4100 Printer Crops the A4 Prints at the Top When Using Cups


I could find similar issues here and here.

I also found some interesting intel about the ImageableArea notion in this post and at the section “ Changing the printer margin settings” of this documentation.

Looking at my ppd, I can see this:

*PaperDimension A4/A4 210x297: "595.440002441406 841.679992675781"
*ImageableArea A4/A4 210x297: "8.39999961853 8.39999961853 587.039978027344 805.679992675781"

This means that the bottom, right and left margins are 8.4 pts, while the top margin is 36 pts wide. That should explain why I cannot see the upper parts of my prints.

Let’s try with a top margin of 8.4. That would mean that we put the following value:

return 841.679992675781 - 8.39999961853

And therefore change the ImageableArea line to this one:

*ImageableArea A4/A4 210x297: "8.39999961853 8.39999961853 587.039978027344 833.2800003814699"

Now, my printer doesn’t cut the top part anymore!