Having the Battery Indicator in Starship

I could not see the battery widget in starship.

Based on my previous experience, I did not think about trying the nerd fonts. After looking a bit on the web and finding out that:

  1. they use the unicode characters f578, f583, f582, f57c, f58d that are not meant to convey anything (they don’t have proper unicode name)
  2. there is no consensus on their meaning, according to what I could see in here https://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/f583/fontsupport.htm
  3. the only font that appeared to show battery was proprietary

Then I posted a github issue and eventually was told that the nerd fonts have the battery emojis.

Using the guide to know how to manually install, update, and uninstall fonts on linux, I could indeed see the battery.

My bad…