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Find a Charger for My Laptop


I recently got a new laptop, without a charger. It is a PCSpecialist stuff, then it does not fit in any big brand company.

First, I need to decide the voltage and current. This is an easy one, for the data is at the backside of the computer.

Fortunately, someone lent me a universal charger with a bunch of connector and I could find one that fits into the computer.

They all have a kind of classification, M4, M5, M9, M120…

I found out that the one that fits is the M4, but since I did not find out any relevant information in the internet about this classification, it was of little value. It looks like the connector classification is a total mess and each constructor comes with its own format (see the list of connectors and laptop models). Too bad PCSpecialist is not generally listed in those lists.

It looks like I need to focus on the inner diameter, the outer diameter and the presence of a center pin.

The size of your laptop adapter is defined by its Outer Dimension, Inner Dimension and Center Pin Size (if applicable). These dimensions are measured in millimeters


There is a central pin.

And the hole appears to be 4.1 mm wide.

Now, the connector that fits looks like this

The outer diameter is 3.4 mm.

The inner diameter is 0.70 mm

And the connector width is 1.31 mm (I don’t know whether this information is worth anything).

Unfortunately, this 3.4mm/0.7mm adapter does not come close to the lists I saw so far.

I tried and bought this charger,

That comes with those plugs.

Hoping for the K14 to fit.

Actually, the best fit was the K12, even though it was a little shorter.

And it did not fit totally and did not make the contact.

After some digging, it looks like those resemble a lot the one I have at hand.

  1. https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B07QXY195R (the same than the one that was lent to me)
  1. https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B08XM5XZV2
  1. https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B089YCBGMF?th=1

I eventually took the first one charger I was lent and everything works fine now.