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Create a Soap Support

tag: learning 3D printing

I want to create an object on which I can put my soap dispenser so that the falling soap is easily washed away.

Well, this should be easy. I simply have to create a cylinder hole on a cube to put the soap dispenser and another hole to receive the falling soap.

The issue is that my labists x1 mini can only print 10cmx10cm objects (brim included). Hence the 8.6cm diameter take almost all the print volume.

This is a good occasion to try using 3D printed joints.

Let’s try something simple at first. Create to cubes with cylinder holes in them and some kind of trapeze shape to put them together.

Then, let’s try to print the soap part first.

It takes indeed all the print size.

The two parts did not fit very well, likely because I forgot to correctly align them in the 3D model.

But eventually, the result is not that bad.

Here is the blender part.