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Create a Battery Dispenser for C Batteries (Aborted)

tag: learning 3D printing

create a battery dispenser for C batteries

I liked the battery dispenser I used for AA and AAA. Too bad it did not come with a C-size version.

I took raw measures of my C and AA battery.

The C battery measures 25 mm x 48 mm.

The AA battery measures 15 mm x 49 mm.

Therefore, I could scale along the X and Z axis by a ratio of 25/15 = 1.67 and scale along the Y axis by a ration of 48/49 = 0.98.

Unfortunately, it then does not fit my labists x1 mini.

First, let’s open it in blender and scale it accordingly.

Then, let’s use bisect to cut the mesh into smaller parts.

Actually, I am realizing that I would have to split the dispenser into 4 parts.

It looks too difficult, let’s look for another one on the internet.

I then found another customizable and extendable battery dispenser. It does not provide the fifo feature I wanted, but it might be good for my skills.

Because it provides a OpenSCAD source, in which the wallheigh is a parameter (108 by default), I can easily create a stl fitting into my printer.

Because I found a solution that I consider good enough, I believe I won’t continue this project, but to avoid the publication bias, I’ll keep this note anyway.

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