Persistent Identifiers (permalink) (handle, Purl, URN, ARK, XRI…)

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1 Creating a local index using persistent identifiers (permalink) (handle, Purl, URN, ARK, XRI…) :

There are a lot of implementations about persistent identifiers out there. Young projects quickly have to deal with a lot of documentation pages. Those pages move fast and may be translated in several formats.
Then, retrieving a page, given its URL at some time, becomes complicated. One has to make sure all the links are not broken.

It would be nice to rely on an information about pages less subject to change, like their topic or an id.
A page would be given a name and an indexer would be used to resolve the location from this name (like in dns).

This appears to be exactly what do persistent identifiers mechanisms. In fact, DNS may be perceived as well as a persistent identifiers mechanism. This is a compilation of what I have found so far about the topic:

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